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Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable

Pupils of Miss Louise Meyers.
Festival Procession (4 hds.) Rathbun; Little Flower, Reinecke; Poppy Waltz, Mack; Garden Party Waltz, Engelmann; Mountain Pink, Spaulding; Dance of Marionettes, Bohm; Dance on the Lawn, Bohm; Robin’s Return, Fisher; Full Sail Galop, Chas. Lindsay.

Pupils of Elizabeth Zane Long.
Les Sylphes (6 hds.), Bachmann; In Rank and File, Lange; Purple Pansies Waltz, Fearis; Bicycle Race, Holst; The Flower Song (6 hds.), Lange; The Silver Nymph, Heins; Moonlight Reverie (4 hds.), Allen; Yellow Jonquils, Johanning; Flower Fairies, Fearis; Carolling of the Birds, Micheuz; Valse Bleue (4 hds.), Margis; Wayside Chapel, Wilson; Golden Star Waltz (4 hds.), Streabbog; Flying Spray, Adamson; Flag Day March (4 hds.), Fearis; Summer Zephyr (6 hds.), Holst; The Witch’s Flight (4 hds.), Russell; May Day (6 hds.), Rathbun.

Pupils of Miss Ellen Holly.
Funeral March of a Marionette (4 hds.), Gounod; Brownie’s Dance, Martin; Criss-Cross, Smith; Forest Horns, Dutton; A Rosebud, Biedermann; A Penny for Your Thoughts, Orth; Elfin Dance, Jensen; Telling Fairy Stories, Parlow; March of the Troubadours, Roubier; Bourrée in G Major, Handel; Dance Caprice, Grieg; Waltz Song, Sartorio; In the Gipsy Camp, Sartorio; Andante from Fifth Symphony (4 hds.), Beethoven; Marcia Funebre (Op. 26), Beethoven; Song of Spring, Merkel; Nocturne in G Major, Chopin; Frühlingsrauschen, Sinding.

Pupils of Mrs. Alice Bright-Burr.
Ever So Glad, Orth; Polka de Concert, Bartlett; Tea Party Nocturne, Read; The Merry Bobolink, Krogmann; Chasseresse, Sternberg; Lovely Month of May, Merkel; Among the Flowers, Orth; Soirees de Vienne, No. 6, Schubert-Liszt; Staccato Caprice, Vogrich; Minuet (E flat), Mozart; Romance san Paroles, Streabbog; Pas des Amphores, Chaminade; Air de Ballet. No 1, Chaminade; Heather Rose, Lange; Dorothy, Smith; Lucia di Lammermoor (for left hand alone), Leschetizky; Etude Op. 10, No. 5, Chopin; Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 6, Liszt.

Pupils of Hahn School of Music.
Rhapsodie Hongroise (Orchestra), Keler Bela; Violin Solos, Motor Perpetuo, Ries; Sixth Air Varie, DeBeriot; Concerto No. 9, DeBeriot; Scherzo Tarantelle, Wieniawski; Concerto No. 22, Viotti; Piano Solo, Concerto C Maj. Op. 15 (1st movement), Beethoven; Songs, Saphic Ode, Brahms; On the Shore, Niedlinger; You and Love, D’Hardelot; Violin Solos, Concerto No. 7, DeBeriot; Hungarian Dance, Brahms-Joachim; Overture, Masaniello (Orchestra), Auber; Serenade (Orchestra), Volkman; Piano Solo, Rondo Capriccio, Mendelssohn; Violin Solo, Etude, Meerts; Piano Solo, Concerto No. 15, B flat major (1st movement), Mozart; Violin Solos, Hejre Kati, Hubay; Airs Hongroise, Ernst; Faust Fantasie, Gounod-Sarasate; Concerto (1st movement), Tschaikowsky); Concerto, Paganini-Wilhelmj; Waltz (Orchestra), Tschaikowsky.

Pupils of Mrs. Blanche St. John Baker.
Cradle Song, Lohr; Valse Novelette, Moore; Ricordati, Gottschalk; Frolic of the Butterflies, Bohm; Valse Arabesque, Lack; Vaizer Gentile, Nevin; Capricante, Wachs; Valse Lente, Schuett; Butterfly, Greig; Melodie, Moszkowski; At the Fountain, Schuett; Murmuring Zephyrs, Jensen-Niemann; Shadow Dance, MacDowell; Valse Caprice, Chaminade; 3d Valse Brillante, Chaminade; Lustspiel Overture (6 hds.), Keler Bela.

Pupils of Mrs. Wm. W. Bates.
Danse Caprice (6 hds.), Carl Koelling; Evening (4 hds.), Low; Waltz, Benedict; Laughing Waters (4 hds.), Wohlfahrt; Fair Daffodils, Forman; Keepsake Gavotte (4 hds.), Petrie; Rippling Waters, Schoebel; Mazurka Caprice, Carl Heins; Valse Elegante, Wachs; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; The Joyous Peasant, Schumann; Fantaisie Militaire (4 hds.), Adrian Smith; Nocturne, Atherton; Music Among the Pines, Wyman; Tannhaeuser (4 hds.), Wagner; Alpenglöckchen Tyrolienne (6 hds.), Oeston.

Pupils of Geo. H. Andrews.
Purple Pansies (4 hds.), Fearis; The Poppy, Read; Song of Love, Jadassohn; Merry Bells, Hampden; Buttercups (4 hds.), Hampden; Valse, Tschaikowsky; Cradle Song, Schumann; Andante in F, Lichner; Seigh (sic) Ride (4 hds.), Read; Squirrels at Play, F. A. Williams; Flying Doves (4 hds.), Heins; Happy Peasant, Schumann; Barcarolle (June), Tschaikowsky; Schoolmates (6 hds.), Read; Meditation, Morrisson; Hunting Song, F. A. Williams; Wonderland (4 hds.), Hampden; William Tell, Rossini; Nearer, My God, to Thee (4 hds.), Sawyer; Turkish Rondo Mozart.

Pupils of W. D. Armstrong.
Serenade (4 hds.), Moszkowski; Magic Fire Music (4 hds.), Wagner; Arabesque, Meyer-Helmund; Cujus Animam, Rossini; Caprice Brillant, Mendelssohn; Mazurka Nussbaum; Arioso, Braga; Au Matin, Godard.

Pupils of A. H. Stadermann.
Rondo, Op. 51, No. 1, Beethoven; Petite Tarantelle, Op. 46, No. 7, Heller; Andante Cantabile, Op. 46, No. 8, Heller; Song Without Words, No. 19, Mendelssohn Scherzo, Th. Kullak; “Moonlight” Sonata Beethoven; Gondoliera (2 pianos, 4 hds.) Reinecke; The Chase, Rheinberger; Sunday Morning at Glion, Bendel; By Moonlight Bendel; Concerto No. 1 (1st movement) Beethoven; Prelude, Op. 3, No. 2, Rachmaninoff; Fantasie-Impromptu, Op. 66 Chopin; Octave Study No. 2, A flat major Th. Kullak; Rustle of Spring, Sinding;  Impromptu, Op. 28, No. 3, Reinhold; Airs  Bohemiens, Op. 35 (2 pianos, 4 hds.), Pirani.

Pupils of Alfred Hartmann Hausrath.
Dance of the Gnomes, Horwath; Sprites at Work, Grieg; The Brownies, Reinhold; The Wild Horseman, Schumann; Elfin Dance, Jensen; Spanish Dance No. 4 (4 hds.), Moszkowski; Elfentanz, Grieg; Tam O’Shanter, Warren; Spirits of the Fountain, Eillenberg; Ruebezahl, Necke; Marche de Nuitt, Gottschalk; En Route, B. Godard; Scherzo, Moszkowski; Nachtstueck No. 1 Schumann; Witch’s Dance, MacDowell.

Pupils of Mr. Henry Weston Smith.
Nocturno (4 hds.), Jensen; On the Sea Behr; Butterfly, Merkel; Duet Spring (4 hds.), D’Ourville; Inquietude, Pfieffer; Soaring, Schumann; Chanson sans Paroles, Sinding; Valse Op. 64, No. 2, Chopin, Prelude, Smith; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Polonaise Op. 26, No. 1, Chopin; Chant D’Armour (sic) Stojowskt (sic); Tarantelle, G. Schumann; Barcarolle, No. 5, Rubinstein; Polonaise, Op. 53, Chopin.



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