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Recital Programs


Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable

Pupils of Miss Jessie K. Miller.

Winter Good-bye (4 hds.), Harthan; Ripples, Paul Lawson; Picnic in the Woods (4 hds.), A. Sartorio; Slumber Song, C. Gurlitt; Two Little Birds, Margaret Martin; Melody (from Surprise Symphony) (4 hds.), Haydn; Wild Horseman, Schumann; Fairy Footsteps, F. M. Farrar; Lullaby (4 hds.), E. A. P. Newcomb; “Carnival Sketches,” Carl Bechter; Largo (4 hds.), Handel; Flying Leaf, Spindler; Hunting Song, Gurlitt; Der Freischutz (6 hds.), von Weber; Under the Trees, F. A. Franklin; Two Thoughts, H. Necke; Gipsy Rondo, Haydn; Serenade, Schubert; Hunting Scene (4 hds), C. Gurlitt; Song of the Reapers, Schumann; Fairies’ Lullaby, Hesselberg; Feather Dance, Paul Ducelle; Confidence, Mendelssohn; Violin Solo—piano accompaniment—The Fountain (violin), Bohm; Mignonette, H. Lichner; Song of the Nightingale, H. Necke; Feu Follet, Jungmann; On the Lake, F. A. Franklin; Butterfly, Grieg; Magic Flute (6 hds.), Mozart. Pupils from 8 to 14 years old.

Pupils of F. A. Williams.

Rondo from Sonata Op. 26, Clementi; Song without Words, No. 4, Mendelssohn; At Evening, Sartorio; Elfin Dance, Jensen; Sonata No. 1, C major (two pianos), Mozart; The Two Larks, Leschetizky; Valse Entrainante, Wachs; Idilio, Op. 134, Lack; Polonaise, Op. 46, Lack; Valse Impromptu (two pianos), Bachmann-Smith.

Pupils of Mr. Gustav L. Becker.

Romanza, Op. 5, Tschaikowsky; Valse, Op. 42, Chopin; Gavotte (2 pianos, 4 hds.), Pirani; Sonata, Op. 10, No. 3, Beethoven; Waldscenen, Op. 82, Schumann; “Snow-white” (4 hds.), Bendel; Tarentella, No. 1, S. B. Mills; Love’s Nocturne (song), Lawrence Kellie; Noon and Night (song), C. B. Hawley; An Open Secret (song), Huntington Woodman; “Am Lurleyfels” (4 hds.), H. Hofmann; Perpetual Motion, B. Wolff; Fantasie Pieces, Op. 12, Schumann; “Chaconne” (2 pianos, 4 hds.), Raff.

Pupils of Mrs. Forrest Nixon.

Basket of Roses (4 hds.), Streabbog; Five Tone Sketches, Adams; Sonatine, No. 4, Kuhlan; Silver Nymphs, Heins; Polka Characteristique (with whistling refrain), Popy; Evening by the Sea, Karoly; L’Avalanche, Heller; Scarf Dance, Chaminade; In the Gondola, Bendel; A La Bien Aimee, Schütt; Sonata, No. 9, Theme and Variations, Mozart.

Pupils of Miss Anna Williams.

Hungarian Dance (4 hds.), Wolff; London Bridge, Lawson; Gypsy Dance, Lichner; The Secret, Gauthier; Dance Rococo, Steiner; In Rank and File, Lange; Dance Bretange, Abelle; Golden Meadows, Morrison; The Blacksmith (4 hds.), Eyer.

Pupils of University of Wooster.

Sonata, Op. 31, No. 1, Beethoven; Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15, Chopin; Duetto, Op. 36, No. 6, Mendelssohn; Scherzo, Op. 16, No. 2, Mendelssohn; Prelude, No. 6, Bach; At Evening, Op. 44, No. 5, Widor; Impromptu, Op. 90, No. 4, Schubert; Minuet, Op. 56, Saint-Säens; A Deserted Farm, To a Waterlily, From an Indian Lodge, MacDowell; Air de Ballet, Moszkowski; Hungarian, MacDowell; Romance Sentimentale, Friml; Berceuse, Chopin; Sonata, Op. 14, No. 2, Beethoven.

Pupils of E. R. Keuchen.

Grand Marche de Tannhäuser (8 hds.), Wagner; In the Lovely Month of May, Merkel; Impromptu, Schubert; Sonate in E Major, Beethoven; Allegro Con Brio, from “Sepkt” (2 pianos), Beethoven; Fantasy, from “Oberon,” Weber; By Moonlight, Bendel; By the Mountain Stream, Bohm; “J’y Pense,” Meyer-Helmund; Sonate, Op. 9, No. 1 (2 pianos), J. L. Dussek; Impromptu in C Sharp Minor, Reinhold; Fantasia in C Minor (2 pianos), Mozart-Crieg; Le Papillon, Lavalee.

Pupils of Tarkio Conservatory of Music.

Minuetto, Schubert; Japanese Cradle Song (song), Salter; April Rain (song), Woodman; Concert Mazurka, Pessard; Air Melodieux, Bohm; Bird as Prophet, Schumann; “Oh, for a Burst of Song” (vocal), Allitsen.

Pupils of Mrs. A. R. Thompson.

American Patrol (4 hds.), Meacham; Sextette from “Lucia de Lammermoor,” Donizetti; Minuet, Paderewski; Lark Song, Tschaikowsky; Les Ongles Roses (4 hds), Wachs; Waltz in D flat (4 hds.), Chopin; Gipsy Dance, Wolff; Saltarelle, Karg-Elert; Land of Dreams, Spaulding; Valse De Concert, Peabody; Robin’s Lullaby, Kroggman; Traumeri (4 hds.), Schumann; Pastorale Enfantine (4 hds.), Chaminade; How Can I Leave Thee, Kucken; Scherzetto, Atherton; Melody of Love, Engelmann.

Pupils of Ida Furman-Mulliner.

Zampa, Overture (4 hds.), Herold; Last Hope, Gottschalk; Grand Valse Brillante, Chopin; Alpine Storm, Kunkle ; Polonaise (4 hds.), Hoffmann; Qui Vive, Ganz; Flower Song, Lange; The Dying Poet, Gottschalk; In the Twilight, Gánschas; The Millwheel, Smith; Fruhlingsrauschen, Sinding; Elfintanz, Heins; The Fairy Wedding, Turner; Staccato Etude, Bohm; Auf Der Wiese, Lichner; Bouten-en Train, Ketterer; Priere Du Matin, Streabbog; La Harp Eolienne, Smith; Second Valse, Godard.

Pupils of Mrs. Cross.

Scherzo, P. Renard ; In May, Behr; Caprice, P. Renard; Loretta Waltz, Metzler; Tyrolienne, Kaiser; March, from Aida (6 hds.), Verdi; Reverie, Kern; Banjo Twang, Kinkel; Valse Souvenir, P. Renard; Thistledown, Ketterer; At the Smithy (4 hds.), Lange; Elsinore, Tourjee; Galop (6 hds.), Streabbog.

Pupils of Mrs. William Bates.

In Festal Array (4 hds.), H. Engleman; Allegretto, Haydn; Waltz (4 hds.), J. Schmitt; Little Johnnie, Berthold Tours; Rondo, Presser; Romance, Wohlfahrt; Ambassador March (4 hds.), G. Klammar; Melody in F, Rubinstein; Just a Bunch of Flowers, G. L. Spaulding; Jubilee March (4 hds.), Diabelli; La Voix du Coeur, Van Gael; Heart Memories, Kellogg; Chant du Printemps (4 hds.), Henselt; A Love Token (4 hds.), Morena; Grand Valse Caprice, Engelmann; Sunflower Dance (4 hds.), Mac Clymont; Tyrolienne Variee (6 hds.), Ravina.

Pupils of A. Milton Charles.

Silver Nymph, Heins; Throwing Kisses, Bohm; Qui Vive (4 hds.), Ganz; Frolic of the Butterflies, Bohm; Sunny Hours, Lynes; Song of the Bathers, Wachs; Golden Roses, Heins; Reverie, Lange; Evening Song, Heins; Meadow Dance, Williams; The Little Wanderer, Lange; Heather Rose, Lange; Nimble Fingers, Orth; Flower Dreams, Espen; A Rural Wedding (4 hds.), Mason; May Has Come, Bohm; Evening Chimes, Heins; Squirrels’ Frolic, Williams; Little Trumpeter, Van Gael; The Shadows of the Evening Hour (vocal), Rathbun.

Inaugural Recital by Abram Ray Tyler, A.G.O.

Chromatic Fantasie, Louis Thiele; Andante (from Second Organ Symphony), Carl Marie Widor; “Soutenir” (a Study on One Note), new, Edwin H. Lemare; Sonata No. 2 (Gothic), Allegro Moderato, Larghetto, Allegro Vivace, Alexandre Guilmant; Canzonetta, John Hyatt Brewer; Concert Piece, Op. 117, No. 1, Horatio Parker; Andante (from First Sonata), Dudley Buck; Tone Picture, “On the Coast,” Dudley Buck; Piano Concerto in G Minor, Molto Allegre con fuoco. Andante, Presto, Mendelssohn (The Orchestral part was performed on the organ by Mr. Tyler); Improvisation on given theme.


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