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Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable

Pupils of Miss Mamie Merrill.
Etudiantina, Lacome; Humpty Dumpty, Baumfelder; Sleigh Bells (4 hds.), Behr; Rondo Brilliante, Weber; Good Night, Sweet Dreams, Bischoff; Shower of Stars, Wachs; Hexentanz, MacDowell; Hochzeitsmarsch (4 hds.), Merschner; Second Mazurka, Godard; Sonate Pathetique, Beethoven; Rosy Fingers (4 hds.), Wachs; Valse Ballet, Rathbun; Polonaise, Chopin; Polish Dance, Scharwenka; Polka de Concert, Bartlett; Summer Fancies, Metra.

Pupils of Adah Putnam.
Dolly Lost and Doily Found, Martin; The Japanese Doll, Swift; Sleep, Dolly, Sleep, Reinecke; Dance of the Marionettes, Crosby Adams; Dance, Dolly, Dance, Reinecke; Teaching Dolly to Waltz, Bartlett; Doll’s Dream, Oesten; The Broken Doll, Engelmann; Funeral March of a Marionette, Gounod; Dancing Doll, Seeboeck; Doll’s Reverie, Crosby Adams; Dolly’s Asleep, De Reef; Poupee Valsante, Poldini.

Pupils of Howard C. Zook.
Under the Palm Trees (violins), Sinnhold; Flying Doves (4 hds.), Heins; Over the Waves, Rosas; Cachucha (4 has.), Harthan; Two Juveniles (4 hds.), Burty; Over Hill and Dale (4 hds.), Engelmann; Dreams of Youth, Fair; The Sailor Boy’s Dream (4 hds.), W. LeHache; Two Roses (violins), Wiegand; To Battle and Victory, F. Von Blon; Rondino (6 hds.), Streabbog; Rosy Fingers (4 hds.), Wachs; Lucia de Lammermoor (violin), Donizetti; Coronation March, Meyerbeer.

Pupils of Miss Ida Truitt.
Welcome, Ganschals; Dance of the Wildflowers, Wenrich; Ode to Spring, Weil; In May Night’s Fragrance, Nolck; Springtime, Kern; Clover Blossoms, Rathbun; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Spring Revels. Kern; May Has Come, Wittman; Spring Time Greeting, Baldwin; Flowers of Spring, La Farge; Flower Song, Lange; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Apple Blossoms, Engelmann; A Spring Day, Wolf; Spring’s First Messenger, Muller; Murmuring Spring, Bohm; Spring Thoughts, Schmoll; Venetian Boat Song, Liszt; Spring Gavotte, Sartorio; May Party, Wachs; Spring Dawn, Mason; Magic Flute (6 hds.), Mozart-Krug; Evening Star, Tannhauser, Wagner-Lange; Violets, Hamer; Goodbye, Eggeling.

Pupils of Dr. Haas.
Les Sylphes (4 hds.), Bachmann; Scarf Dance, Chaminade; Titania, Lefebur-Wely; Gavotte in G minor, Dupont; Murmuring Zephyrs, Jensen; Nocturno, Tschaikowski; Cavatina (violin), Raff; Hungarian Dance (violin), Brahms; Repentance, Nicode; Bridal Procession, Grieg; Prelude Celebre, Rachmaninoff; Rondo Brillante, C. M. Von Weber; Novelette, No. 5, Schumann; La Fileuse, Raff; (a) Etude Opus 10, No. 3, (b) Polonaise Militaire, Chopin; Tannhauser March (4 hds.), Wagner-Liszt.

Pupils of Emil Liebling.
Three German Dances (4 hds.), Beethoven; Grande Polonaise Brillante, Weber; Marche Mignonne, Poldini ; Sonata, Opus 31, No. 3, Beethoven; Serenade, E. Liebling; Whims, Schumann; Gavotte Moderne, E. Liebling; Staccato Etude, Rubinstein; Allegro Appassionata, Opus 70, Saint-Saëns; Prelude, Opus 35, No. 1, Mendelssohn; Scherzo, Opus 40, E. Liebling; The Bees, Dubois; Presto Scherzando, Opus 114, Von Wilm; Andante and Scherzo from Concerto, Opus 59, Moszkowski; March Wind, MacDowell; Bird as Phophet (sic), Schumann; Rondo Brilliant, Weber; Rigoletto Fantasie, Liszt; Polonaise in E, Liszt; Concertstueck (sic), Opus 49, Carl A. Preyer.

Pupils of Miss E. A. Lugg.
Sunrise Mazurka, Pattison; Waltz (4 hds.), Streabbog; Youth’s Happiness, Guenther; Red Riding Hood, Guenther; Merry Brooklet, Krogmann; Fairy Polka, Spindler; Second Serenade, Carl Koelling; The Shepherd Boy (4 hds.), G. D. Wilson; Mocking Bird, transcription, Lewis; The Golden Rose, Carl Heins; O Evening Star, Wagner-Spindler; La Fontaine, Bohm; Old Oaken Bucket, transcription, Rider; Arabesque, Meyer-Helmund; Second Mazurka, Godard; Roses de Bohême (4 hds.), Kowalski.

Pupils of Shurtleff School of Music.
Fantasie, Rossini-Liszt; Melody, Coleridge Taylor; Preludio, J. S. Bach; Chant du Voyager, I. J. Paderewski; Regata de Tenezia, F. Liszt; Evening Star Romanza, Wagner-Liszt; To the Spring, E. Greig; Rowing by Moonlight, F. Bendel; Chopin, B. Godard; Arabesque, Meyer-Helmund; Mazurka, Th. Leschetizky; Papillon d’Amour, E. Schutt; Boquet de Juliet. F. Bendel; Concert Etude, A. Rubinstein; Mazurka, F. Chopin; Reverie, E. Schutt; Prelude, F. Chopin; Two Larks, Th. Leschetizky; Kammenoi Ostrow, A. Rubinstein.

Pupils of Herve D. Wilkins.
Spanish Dances (4 hds.), Moszkowski; Chanson Orientale (4 hds.), Schumann; Rhapsodie V, Liszt; “Du bist die Ruh,” Schubert-Liszt; Abends, Raff; Polonaise, C sharp minor, Chopin; “Were I a Bird” Etude, Henselt.

Pupils of Mrs. S. D. Parmenter.
The Merry-Go-Round, Goerdeler; Dancing on the Green, Farrar; Start-up Waltz, Engelmann; Going to School, Aletter; Mirth and Gayety, Kern; French Child’s Song, Behr; The Little Boy Blue, H. Engelmann; In the Gondola, Hennes; Goldenrod Galop, Rickaby; The Robin’s Lullaby, Krogmann; Just for the Fun of It (4 hds.), Sudds; Chapel in the Woods, Bohm; On the Train, Renard; Dream Idyls, G. D. Martin; Flora, H. Wenzel; Shower of Blossoms, Goerdeler; Heart’s Message, Hayes; The Dying Poet, Gottschalk; In Forest Green (6 hds.), Dorn.

Pupils of Miss Lulu Adolph.
Child’s Play, Behr; To Begin With, Wilm; Sing, Robin, Sing, Spaulding; Vesper Bells, Krogmann; Dance of the Fairies, Porter; The Jolly Huntsman, Fisher; Good Luck, Heins; Postilion D’Amour (4 hds.), Behr; Winged Messengers, Ringuet; The Zephyrs, Weyts; Le’Secret (6 hds.), Gurlitt; The Fountain Koelling; Charge of the Uhlans (4 hds. Bohm; Thine Own, Lange; Over Hill and Dale (4 hds.), Engelmann; Melody of Love (4 hds.), Engelmann; Qui Vive (8 hds.) Ganz; Rosetta, Bohm; Invitation to the Dance (4 hds.), Weber; Columbine, Delahaye; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Valse Impromptu (4 hds.), Bachman; Autumn, Chaminade; Valse Tyrolienne (4 hds.), Raff.

Pupils of D. R. Piette.
Grand Valse de Concert, Mattei; Starlight Waltz, Brainard; The Violet, Reinecke; Vesper Hymn, March, Melody, Gurlitt; The Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven; Valse in E flat, Durand; Up in a Swing, Fontaine; The Dying Poet, Gottschalk; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Prelude, Op. 28, No. 20, Chopin.


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