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Special Notices

Professional Want Notices are inserted at a cost of five cents per word, cash with order. Business Notices, ten cents per word, cash with order. Do not have replies directed to this office.

WANTED: Young Woman Pianist desires position in South. Best of references. Experienced teacher. Address J., care of Etude.

WANTED: Two teachers of piano in a Conservatory of Music in a College with one of our largest institutions. Experienced teachers only need apply. Address C. E. D., care of Etude Office.

FOR SALE: A fine Italian Violin (Precenda). For further information write Wade Cramer, Albia, Iowa.

FOR SALE: Two valuable violins; Cremoneser; Steiner, Heinemann, 88 Gotthardt, Newark, N. J.

MUSIC TEACHERS WANTED: Southern Teachers’ Agency, Columbia, S. C.

FOR SALE: A genuine Amati Violin, 1665. Address Drawer C, York Beach, Maine.

PAMPHLET ENTITLED “A Lesson with Leschetizky” (Chopin Etude Opus 25, No. 3), giving musical and technical points as taught by Leschetizky, $1.00 postpaid. Isabel Miller, 326 W. 58th St., New York, N. Y.

THAT WORTH COUNTS is proven by the reception accorded Reiff’s “Scales, Key Signatures and Related Keys” by teachers and musicians generally. Price 35 cents. Testimonials mailed. Order from dealer or The Musical Press, Box 1602, Philadelphia, Pa.

OVIDE MUSIN, the Belgian Violinist of world-wide reputation, has decided to locate permanently in New York City. Mr. Musin is now at the zenith of his powers as a virtuoso and an educator. A large number of advanced violinists have enrolled. See advertisement on page 275.

THE CINCINNATI CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC is looking forward to an unusually large and active summer school. The climatic conditions of Cincinnati during the summer are the most favorable for the very best possible work in a perfectly delightful environment.

CORRESPONDENCE WANTED with male vocal teacher for College of Music in Middle West. Address 805 N. Topeka Ave., Wichita, Kansas.

MR. FREDERICK MAXSON, whose advertisement appears on page 283, a leading organist of Philadelphia, desires engagements as organist at recitals in Philadelphia and elsewhere. The standard of music at his church (First Baptist) is very high. Mr. Maxson is a successful teacher of Piano, Organ and Harmony—pupils come to him from a large geographical territory.

INTERMEZZO GENTILE, by J. Lewis Browne (published by the John Church Co.), sold nearly 7,000 first three months. This and same composer’s INDIAN DANCE. TWO WALTZES (VIENNESE and DREAMTIME) and new sacred song, GOD’S TEMPLE (state whether wanted for low, medium or high voice), all mailed for one dollar ($1.00). Eckhardt Music Co., 1523 Columbia Ave.  Philadelphia.

60c SHEET MUSIC 10c. Merry Widow Waltz, Toreador, Rosary, Rigoletto, Anchored, Calvary, Rhapsodie Hongroise, Jerusalem, and 1500 others, 10c each. Catalogue free. National Music Emporium, Etude Dept., Albany, New York.

COMIC SONG, German Bruders, Piano, 10c; Comic Song, “Schnitzelbach,” Piano, 10c. Cloth chart of each 28x39 in., 35c. Broadway Publishing Co., 287 Broadway, Buffalo, N. Y.

FINE TONED ITALIAN VIOLIN, cheap, Carlo Testore (1717), a pupil of Joseph Guarnerius, formerly used by greatest artist in Europe. Mrs. F. T. Chapman, 524 Elizabeth St., Portland, Oregon.

THE STRICH & ZEIDLER PIANO, bought by me from you eight years ago, has given excellent satisfaction, has had much use and is in apparently as good condition as when purchased. W. J. Turner, Judge of Circuit Court, Milwaukee Court House

CHAUTAUQUA is widely known as a most delightful spot to spend the summer—and every advantage is offered to music students. The Sherwood School, Croxton School—Chorus practice, lectures, two oratorios a week, recitals, etc.       

FOR SALE: Steinway Baby Grand, in perfect condition. Address Bryn Mawr, care of Etude Office.                

A COMPETENT TEACHER WANTED in every city and town to introduce the Russell Methods of Music Study—Voice, Pianoforte and Choral Class Work. These works are bringing results everywhere. References, etc., required. Address Headquarters. The Normal Institute of Music, Carnegie Hall, New York.

THE TAUSIG HAND EXPANDER, an aid to pianists with small or stiff hands. One dollar postpaid Essex Publishing Co., 853 Carnegie Hall, New York.     

SEND FOR (FREE) “How to Make Technic Fascinating,” “The Secret of the Artist” and other new ideas for teachers. See Shepard System Advertisement.

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