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Develop Your Own Individuality

Has it ever occurred to you that the imitator is rarely as successful as the creator? It never pays to imitate. It is the best possible way in which to advertise your competitor. The firm who puts an article on the market and calls it China-lac when the public knows full well that a similar article has been successfully used for years under the name of Jap-a-lac and that the proprietors of this article have spent a fortune in advertising it, must have the feeling that the imitation is only another way of pointing to the established excellence of the genuine.

There are hundreds of similar instances in music teaching. Teachers without attempting to create adapt the business methods of their rivals with the same boldness with which an oriole takes the nest that some other bird has worked to build. The imitator always loses in the end. Nothing more stupid than imitating a competitor’s advertising methods could possibly be imagined. Advertising attracts by the very newness and freshness which seizes and holds the attention. Learn to create. Learn to make your business indicative of your individuality, your character and your educational achievements.


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