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Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable

Pupils of Mr. G. Bellm.
Soldiers March, Streabbog; Whippoorwill, Nocturne, Schiller; Loin du Ball, Gillet; Orange Blossoms, Waltz, Ludovic; Flying Doves (4 hds), Heins; On Lake Erie, Reverie, Sontag; Rigoletto, (Verdi) Sidus; Sextette, Lucia di Lammermoor, (Donizetti) Bohm; Toreador’s Song from Carmen (4 hds), Bizet; Mill in the Black Forest, Eilenberg; Swallow’s Song, Bohm; Martha (4 hds), Flotow; Il Trovatore, (Verdi) Dorn; Ben Hur Chariot Race, Paull; Fifth Nocturne, Leybach; Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 12, Liszt; Sextette, Lucia (for the left hand alone), Leschetizky; Operatic Fantasia (4 hds), Epstein.

Pupils of Mrs. I. F. Magner.
May Day (4 hds), Rathburn; Waltz, S. Roe; Sunset Nocturne, Read; Dance of the Brownies, Kauffman; Joyous Farmer, Schumann; Doll’s Dream, Th. Oesten; Spinning Wheel, Von Wilm; Consolation, Mendelssohn; Tarantelle, Stephen Heller; Dance of the Gnomes, Faber; Spinning Song, Ellmenrick; Slumber Song, Gurlitt; Hunting Song, Gurlitt.

Pupils of Miss Fay Marshall.
A Little Duet, Knorr; Cabaletta, Lack; The Mother Bird’s Song, Read; Witches’ Revels, Schytté; The Birdling, Grieg; The Warrior’s Song, Heller ; Melody in F, Rubinstein; Frolic of the Milk-Maids, Spaulding; The Pixies’ Ballet, Brown; The Juggler, Boex; The Two Larks, Leschetizky; Intermezzo from “Cavalleria Rusticana,” Mascagni.

Pupils of Mrs. S. T. Hendrickson.
Menuetto, from Septet, Opus 20 (4 hds), Beethoven; Scherzino, Schumann; Invention No. 8, Bach; Forest Chimes, Gänschals; Happy Farmer (4 hds), Schumann; Elder Blossoms, Espen; Scherzino, Handrock; Elf Play, W. Lege; Elfin Dance, Jensen; In the Meadow (4 hds), Jos. Low; Merry Huntsman, Merkel; Dance of Sylphs, Lege; Scherzo, Op. 16, No. 2, F. Mendelssohn; Cupid’s Arrow, Op. 78 (4 hds), Carl Sidus; In a Gondola, C. Heins; Valse Styrienne, H. A. Wollenhaupt; Andante, from “Surprise Symphony” (4 hds), Haydn.

Pupils of Frederick W. Goodrich.
Spanish Dance No. 1 (4 hds), Moskowski; Mazurka, Scharwenka; Valse (Romeo et Juliette), Gounod; Tarantelle, Heller; Polonaise, Hoffman; Danse Ukraine (4 hds), Kirchner; Chant Sans Paroles, Tschaikowsky; Pierrette, Chaminade; Scherzo (Symphony No. 7) (4 hds), Beethoven; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Kammenoi Ostrow, Rubenstein ; Norwegian Bridal Procession, Greig (sic).

Pupils of Arthur J. Roser.
Galop De Concert, Op. 10 (8 hds), Milde; Eventide March (6 hds), Geibel; Young May Queen March (12 hds), Meyer; Light of Heart (4 hds), Gade; Girard Gavotte (12 hds), Fondey; Trot De Cavalier (4 hds), Spindler; Light Cavalry Overture (8 hds), Suppe; Concert Polonaise, Engelmann; Cachoucha, Raff; Second Polonaise, Liszt; Trilby, Godard; Overture Oberon (4 hds), Weber; Awaking of the Lion, Op. 115 (8 hds), DeKonski.

Pupils of Ella Leona Gale.
In Review, Kern; Little Dearest, Charge of the Uhlans (4 hds), Bohm; Song of the Robins, Warren; Midget’s Wedding March, Fenimore; In the Mill, Gänschals; Carol of the Bobolink, Loraine; Music Box, Liebich; Skipping Rope (4 hds), Blake; Fairy Fingers, Wachs; Bells in the Dale, Koelling; Happy Hearts, Mayfield; The Music Box, Poldini; Musicians Serenade (4 hds), Low; Caprice Bohemien, Lebierre; Military March (8 hds), Herz; Grand Caprice (for left hand alone), Rolling.

Pupils of Mrs. Alice I. Read.
Danse Macabre (8 hds), Saint-Säens; Rondo, Op. 51, No. 2, Beethoven; Gipsy Rondo (6 hds), Haydn; Rondo in C, Op. 73 (2 pianos), Chopin; Air de Ballet, Chaminade; Tannhauser, Overture (8 hds). Wagner; La Fileuse, Op. 157, Raff; Valse Brillant (8 hds), Schulhoff; Serenade and Allegro Giojoso, Op. 43, Mendelssohn; Ballata e Bizzaria (12 hds), Pagnoncelli; Polacca Brillante, Op. 72, von Weber; Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 2 (8 hds). Liszt.

Pupils of Miss E. M. Heine.
Little Bo Peep, Sing a Song of Sixpence, Dolly Darling, Spaulding; The Joyous Peasant, Schumann; In the Smithy, Parlow; Ring Dance, Sabathil; March Orientale, Renard; Romance, Ferber; The King of the Winds (Song), Sanford; Sextet from “Lucia,” Donizetti; The Keepsake, Petrie; Valse Venetian, Ringuet; Concert Polonaise, Engelmann; Gavotte and Canzonetta, Goldner; Love’s Memory, Pendleton; March from “Tannhauser,” Wagner.

Pupils of Miss Abbie Pallet.
Little Visitor, Spaulding; Hop Scotch, Orth; Doll’s Dream, Oesten; In May, Behr; Wee Story, Orth; Little Dutch Doll, Krogmann; Cooing Dove, Orth; Will o’ the Wisp, Jungmann; Swing Song, Fontaine; Traumerei, Schumann; Merry Bobolink, Krogmann; Serenade, Schubert; Melody in F, Rubinstein; Bohemian Dance, Geibel; The Hunter’s Song, Bechter; The Trumpeters, Spindler; Grasshopper’s Song, Emery; Robin’s Return, Fisher; Dorothy, English Dance, Smith; Sweet Bess Gavotte, Krogmann; Path of Roses, Wilhelm; Jolly Darkies, Bechter; Flying Doves (4 hds), Heins.

Pupils of Mrs. Clarotta B. Justice.
Overture, Tancredi (4 hds), Rossini; Patriotic March, Spaulding; Valse (6 hds), Streabbog; Soldier’s March, Lange; Postilion D’Amour (4 hds), Behr; Heather Rose, Lange; Mardi Gras Quadrilles (4 hds), Schubert; Dance on the Lawn, Kullak; Valse Venetienne (4 hds), Ringuet; Beautiful Spring (Song), Metzler; Tyrolienne, Spindler; Barcarolle, Williams; La Chasse aux Gazelles (4 hds), Calvini; Fifth Nocturne, Leybach; Scherzo Brillante (4 hds), Sponholtz; My First Music Lesson, Wilson; La Gazelle, Wollenhaupt; Galop de Concert (4 hds), Milde.

Pupils of Mrs. Nora S. Barden.
Lightly Row, Root; Teddy Bear Waltz, Fearis; My Papa’s Waltz, Zeiler ; Home, Sweet Home, Merz; A Letter for Papa, Streabbog; Military March, Bucher; Waves of the Ocean, Merz; The Parade March, Lichner; Mocking Bird, Rickaby; Linnet Waltz, Hart; Evening Chimes, Heins; Calla Lily, Engelmann; Evening Nocturne, Read; Holiday March, Kimball; An Autumn Afternoon, Lindsay; Route-en-Train Galop (4 hds). Ketterer; Mercedes Rhapsodie, Bailey; Il Corricola, Grau; Edelweis Valse, Vanderbeck; Constant Devotion, Geibel; National Guard Grand March, Keiffer; Black Key Mazurka, Herzog; Delta Kappa Epsilon (4 hds), Pease; Goldfischen, Heins; Christmas Bells March, Wyman; Twilight Reverie, Guy; Victory March, Troyer; Heavenly Rest, Goerdeler; May Breezes, Lange; Fifth Nocturne, Leybach.

Pupils of Lawrence Yost Amnions.
Poet and Peasant, Overture (4 hds), Suppe; Faust Fantasia (12 hds), Gounod; Wiener Walzer (8 hds), Gurlitt; Turkish March, “Ruins of Athens” (8 hds), Beethoven; Valse Arabesque, Lack; Nocturne (left hand), Scriabine; Legato Study—In the Spring, Staccato Study—Brownie’s Dance, Martin; Valse Courante, Lachaume; Madrigal, Chaminade; Chant sans Paroles, Tschaikowsky; Playful Kitten, Behr; Intermede, Chaminade; Concerto in D minor, Mendelssohn.


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