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Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable

Pupils of E. R. Kroeger.
Spanish Serenade (2 pianos. 4 hds.), del Valle de Paz; Last Hope, Gottschalk; Serenade, E. R. Kroeger; To Springtime, Grieg; Pas des Amphores, Chaminade; Marcia Fantastica, Bargiel; Valse, “Sakontala,” Bandel; Impromptu, Op. 90, No. 4, Schubert; Torchlight Dance, A. Rubinstein; La Fileuse, Raff; Valse, “A la bien aimee,” E. Schuett; Sextette from “Lucia di Lammermoor” (for left hand only), Donizetti-Leschetizky; Toccatelle, Dupont.

Pupils of Wm. C. Schwartz.
On the Meadow, Lichner; Jolly Darkies, Bechter; Valse, E flat, Durand; Adoration (violin solo), Borowski; Song of the Mill, Virgil; Grace Waltz (4 hds.), Bohm; Musical Clock, Heins; Rustic Wedding (4 hds.), Mason; Raymond Overture (4 hds.), Thomas; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; 2d Mazurka, Godard; Murmuring Zephyrs, Jensen; Polka de Concert, Bartlett; Nocturne, D flat, Doehler, Scherzo, B flat minor, Chopin; Rigoletto Fantasie, Verdi-Liszt; Berceuse, Chopin; Idilio, Lack.

Pupils of Miss M. L. Creed.
May Day (4 hds.), Rathbun; Pixie’s Carnival, Engelmann; The Rainbow Fairy, Krogman; En Route March (4 hds.), Engelmann; Fishey in the Brook, Lawson; On Lake Chien, Heins; The Owl Polka, Blake; Valse Lorraine (8 hds.), Missa; Lilliputian Parade, Ducelle; Valse Humoresque, Blumenschein; The Golden Stars Waltz (4 hds.), Streabbog; Little Lord and Lady, Ducelle; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (4 hds.), Metzler; Little Gazelle, Ducelle; Fireman’s Gallop (4 hds.), Waddington; Edelweiss, Lang; Dance of the Dewdrops, Ducelle; Morceau Brillant (6 hds.), Streabbog; Autumn Pastimes, Kern; Swaying Trees, Spaulding; The First Dance, Engelmann; Spanish Dances, 1 and 2 (4 hds.) Moszkowski.

Pupils of Mrs. Cora Pierce Nye.
Wide Awake March, Nye; The Reception, Bernard; Bells of Christmas Eve, Wenzel; Bolero Brillant. Leybach; Military Dance, Lindsay; Footsteps in the Snow, Sherwood; On the Lake, Engelmann; Bonnie Sweet Bessie, Ryder; Caprice Bohemien, Lebierre; Sextette from “Lucia di Lammermoor” (for left hand only), Leschetizky: Silver Spring, Mason ; Valse, from “Faust.” Gounod; After the Charge (4 hds.), Engelmann.

Pupils of Miss Emily P. Barnard.
Andante from “Surprise Symphony” (4 hds.), Haydn; Rural Wedding, Mason; Fluttering Leaves, Rolling; Lorely, Seeling; Shadow Dance, Engelmann; In a Rose Garden, Geibel; Serenade d’Amour (4 hds.), Von Blon; Swallow’s Song, Bohm; New Spring, Lange; Retour du Printemps, Spindler; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Pizzicato, Gillet; La Chasse Aux Gazelles (4 hds.), Calvini.

Pupils of Mrs. W. K. Cone.
La Chasse Aux Gazelle (4 hds.), Calvini; The Soldier’s March, Gurlitt; Husarenritt (4 hds.), Fritz Spindler; Grotesque Danse (2 pianos—4 hds.), Johns; Pollaca Brillant (2 pianos—8 hds.), Carl Bohm.

Pupils of Miss Alexina La Bossiere.
Pas de Graces (2 pianos—8 hds.), Wachs; Sweet Violet, Smallwood; Sing, Robin, Sing, Spaulding; Gertrude’s Dream Waltz, Beethoven; Manhattan Beach March (6 hds.), Sousa; La Nuage Rose, Landry; Basket of Roses (2 pianos—8 hds.), Streabbog; Blush Rose Reverie, Fieldhouse; Echo des Montagnes (2 pianos—12 hds.), Streabbog; May Bells Ringing, Stewart; Etude-Mazurke, Talexy; Second Nocturne, Leybach; Tyrolienne (2 pianos—12 hds.), Oesten; Maiden’s Blush Waltz, Gottschalk; Melody of Love (2 pianos—8 hds.), Engelmann; Tarantelle, Dennee; Le Carillon (2 pianos—8 hds.), Ringuet; Double Eagle March (2 pianos—8 hds.), Wagner; The Myrtles Valse, Wachs; Valse Venitienne (2 pianos—8 hds.), Ringuet; Robin des Bois, Smith; Persian March (2 pianos—8 hds.), Kontski; Spring Song (2 pianos—8 hds.), Mendelssohn; La Chasse au Lion, Kölling; Simple Aveu (2 pianos—4 hds.), Thomé; Danse des Ondes, Pieczonska; Whispering Winds, Wollenhaupt; Marche Turque (2 pianos—4 hds.), Mozart.

Pupils of Miss Eva Eberstadt.
Bicycle Waltz (4 hds.), Giebel; Dollie’s Dream, Spaulding; A Little Mazurka, Orth; Sunny Hours, Engelmann; Wanderer’s Song, Behr; Playing Tag, Margstein; Majestic March (4 hds.), Goerdeler; Playful Rondo, Greene; Dance of the Butterflies, Bonheur; Wayside Flowers, Engel; Song of the Leaves, Kern; Golden Butterflies, Oesten; In Light Mood, Braungardt; Consolation, Morrison; Overture (“Fra Diavolo”) (6 hds.), Auber-Czerny; Valsette, Brown; Minuet a 1’Antique, Paderewski; Reverie, Brown; Valse Caprice, Newland; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Last Hope, Gottschalk; Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mendelssohn-Smith.

Pupils of Miss Carrie Delle Hosmer.
Polonaise (4 hds.), Schubert; Song Without Words, Op. 19, No. 1, Mendelssohn; Butterfly, Merkel; Hunting Scene, Behr; Canzonet, Lynes; Softly Sings the Brooklet, Wenzel; Souvenir, Karganoff; Serenade, Dennee; Serenade, Schubert-Heller; Novellette, Per Winge; In the Rose Garden, Hugo Reinhold; Butterflies, Grant-Schaeffer; L’Elegante, Concone; Melody in A flat, Hoffman; From Norway, Koelling; Norwegian Dance, Von Wilm; Norwegian Wedding March, Soederman; On the Alm, Fischer; Valse Brillante, Pieczonka; The Prisoner and the Swallow, Croisez; Fest Polonaise, Reinhold; Cornelius March (4 hds.), Mendelssohn.

Pupils of Mrs. L. C. Tucker.
March (8 hds.), Pease; Barcarolle, Le Hache; Colonial Schottische (4 hds.), Opper; The Lark’s Morning Song, Kölling; Heather Rose, Lange; Success Mazurka, Bachman; Elfin Dance, Heins; Polka (6 hds.), Streabbog; “Hail, Bright Abode,” from Tannhäuser (4 hds.), Wagner; Mazurka de Concert, Pessard; Scarf Dance (4 hds.), Chaminade; Silver Stars, Bohm; Idylle, Wilson; Czardas (4 hds.), Michiels; Polonaise, Op. 40. No. 1 (with 2d piano), Chopin; Galop Militaire (12 hds.), Mayer.


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