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Home Notes

The orchestra of the Broad St. Conservatory of Music, Phialdelphia (sic), gave a concert of popular music, under the direction of Mr. Combs,’ November 22d.
A recital by members of the faculty was given at the Sprankle Studio of Music, Indianapolis, November 22d
Mrs. Frank M. Davis, a prominent music teacher of Boston, died November 7th. Mrs. Davis made a specialty of work with children, in which line of work she was very successful.
The Beethoven Club, of Condersport, Pa., Theodore Stearns, director, gave a symphony concert, December 5th.
The Illinois Club, of Bloomington, had a recital, November 23d. Among those who assisted were Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Skinner.
Miss Edith L. Winn lectured before the Woman’s Club, Worcester, Mass., December 27th, on “Life Among the Peasants of North Germany,” with a study of folklore. January 2d, Miss Winn will lecture before the students of the Bridgewater Normal School, on “Hungarian Music.”
The Chicago Madrigal Club, Mr. D. A. Clippinger, director, gave its first concert for this season, December 7th. The club numbers twenty-six active members.
Mrs. Frances C. Robinson, for a number of years a valued contributor of The Etude, died at her home in Wakefield, Mass., November 11th last, after an illness of some years. During this time Mrs. Robinson bravely kept to her literary work, her writing always full of inspiration and high courage. The readers of the Children’s Page in particular, will miss her fine and instructive articles.
The Etude Club, of Iowa Falls, twenty-four members, is having an enjoyable, season of study in musical history and biography, with miscellaneous programs.
Mr. David Hantsch Grosch, baritone, of Chicago, gave a recital at Stephens College, Mo., November 22d.
A “Wagner Festival” was given at the Janes M. E. Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., November 16th. Rev. J. W. Hill made an address and an orchestra from the Jagy School of Music rendered the instrumental numbers.
A piano recital was given at Des Moines, Iowa, November 21st, by Heinrich Pfitzner.
A new choral society has been organized in Dayton, O., with a membership of upwards of three hundred, to be known as the Dayton Choral Society. Mr. W. L. Blumenschein, the well-known composer, was elected director. Mr. Blumenschein was director of the Dayton Philharmonic Society for twenty-five years. The present society will continue the work the former organization and will doubtless do as splendid work under Mr. Blumenschein’s baton as the older society was noted for.
The Music Study Class of the Chicago Woman’s Club, was favored with a lecture on “Modern American Music,” by Mr. Walter Spry.
Mr. Clarence Eddy gave an inaugural organ recital in the First Presbyterian Church, Ashland, Ky., November 19th. The organ was built by the Wirsching Co.
Dr. Hans Harthan is giving a series of historical organ recitals at the Conseravtory (sic) of Music, McGill University.
A Chopin-Liszt program was given at the Chicago Piano College, November 9th, by members of the faculty.
A reception was given to Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke, November 16th, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Music was rendered by the New York Symphony Orchestra under David Mannes.
Mr. Louis Arthur Russell gave a lecture before the Musical Culture Club of the Metropolitan Schools of Musical Art, on the subject: “The Romantic Era in Music.”
An organ recital was given on a new Haskell organ in the Twenty-Ninth Street M. E. Church, Philadelhpia (sic), by Mr. Frederic Maxson, November 14th. Mr. Maxson also gave an inaugural recital i nthe (sic) First Baptist Church, Doylestown, Pa., November 16th. The organ is a Hook-Hastings.
Mr. Harry Packmann gave an organ recital at Christ Church, La Cross, Wis., November 23d, assisted by Miss Baronhill, soprano, and Mr. Enoch, baritone.
Mr. Arthur Lieber, who lately took up the directorship of the Apollo Club, St. Louis, Mo., gave a very successful concert last month. The Club is in fine condition.
Mr. Edward Scherubel is now dean of the Fine Arts Department at Washburn College, Topeka, Kans. Mr. Scherubel has revised the courses in music and greatly strengthened them. There are ten teachrs (sic) in the music faculty.

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