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The Lutheran Chorus, of Hannibal, Mo., under the direction of Mr. R. Clark Hubbard, gave a concert, January 19th. A miscellaneous program was presented.

Miss A. M. Parry Bundy, of Topeka, Kan., gave an analytical recital on Schumann, last month. Next month her program will consist of selections from the symphonies with analytical notes.

An entertainment and lecture was given in Brooklyn, under the auspices of U. S. Grant Post, G. A. R., January 16th, by E. M. Bowman, organist, and Miss Bessie May Bowman, contralto.

The mid-year concert of the College of Music, University of South Dakota, was given January 20th. The chorus and orchestra of the school, under the direction of Mr. Ethelbert W. Grabill, assisted. The program was made up of choral and orchestral numbers, vocal and instrumental solos.

Mr. George Pratt Maxim, assisted by Miss Iredale, pianist, and Miss Morse, soprano, gave an organ recital in the Baptist Church, Wolfeville, N. S., February 3d.

“Three Evenings With Wagner” were given at the Knox Conservatory of Music, by Mr. Wm. F. Bentley. “The Artists’ Course,” up to date, has included recitals by Miss Marie Nichols, violinist; Mary Louise Clary, vocalist; Mrs. Corinne Moore-Lawson, soprano; Mr. Allen Spencer, pianist; Miss Augusta Cottlow, pianist. Members of the Faculty have each given recitals, making a very fine series of musical evenings for the students and friends of the College and the Conservatory.

The twenty-seventh concert of the Leefson-Hille Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia, was given February 18th. The program included vocal and instrumental numbers. An orchestra of pupils assisted. A special feature of the program was a work for violin and orchestra by a member of Mr. Hille’s class in composition.

Mr. Adams Owen gave a recital at Colorado Springs, a short time since. Mr. Owen has opened a studio in that city.

Madame J. Esputa Daly, of Washington, has formed a club among her music pupils and has called it The Etude Club. They will give a series of studio recitals.

An address was delivered before the National Society of Musical Therapeutics, February 2d, by Prof. C. H. A. Bjerregaard, on “The Metaphysics of Music.” Previous lectures were “The Aim and Scope of the National Society of Musical Therapeutics,” by Miss Eva Augusta Vescelius; “Music as a Medicine,” by Francis S. Kennedy, M. D. March 2d, Dr. Alfred W. Herzog will give a lecture on “The Value of Mechanical Musical Treatment and Suggestions Through Music,” illustrated by vocal and instrumental music; April 6th, Rev. Dr. John Harrington Edwards, author of the recent work, “God and Music,” will deliver an illustrated lecture on “Musical Altruism.”


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