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Recital Programs.


Pupils of the Ames School of Music.
Parade (4 hds.), Kölling; Hungarian Melody, Bohm; Sunday Morning, Bechter; Thousand and One Nights, Reinecke; For Sadie, Stayner; Jolly Players’ Waltz (4 hds.), Maylath; Little Wanderer, Gurlitt; Two Marionettes (vocal), Cooke; Busy Little Bee, Nürnberg; Galop Burlesque,. Gurlitt; Summer, Lichner; Mazurka (violin), Papini; Sonatine, Op. 36, No. 5, Clementi; A Winter Lullaby (vocal), De Koven; Last Hope, Gottschalk; Berceuse (violin), Schytté Gipsy Melody (violin), Kühler; Valse Arabesque, Lack; Wedding March (8 hds.), Mendelssohn.

Pupils of Mr. T. L. Rickaby—Beethoven Program.
Allegro, Sixth Symphony (6 hds.); Turkish March; “The Wild Rose” (vocal); Variations “Nel Cor Pin”; “Knowst Thou the Land” (vocal); Sonata, Op. 27, No. 2; Symphony, No. 1, last movement (4 hds.); Sonata, Op. 26, variations; Sonata, Op. 13 (Pathetique); “Adelaide” (vocal); Concerto, No. 1; Symphony, No. 5 (4 hds.); essays and papers on Beethoven, his life, and works.

Pupils of the Kroeger School of Music.
Valse, “a la bien aimée,” Schütt; Melodie in G-flat, Op. 10, No. 1, Valse Brillante, Moszkowski; Torchlight Dance, Rubinstein; Egeria, Op. 35, Kroeger; Consolation, No. 3, Liszt; Menuet from sonata, Op. 17, Nicodé; Slumber Song, Von Weber-Liszt; The Rivulet, Op. 3, Kroeger; Loreley, Op. 3, Seeling; To the Springtime, Op. 45, No. 6, Grieg; Margaret at the Spinning Wheel, Klein; Variations Serieuses, Op. 54, Mendelssohn; Nocturne in C minor, Op. 48, No. 1, Chopin; Scherzo, Op. 45, Kroeger.

Pupils of Mrs. Seth Lockwood.
Prelude in F minor, Leschetizky; Haste Thee, Winter, Etude in G, Landon; reading sketch of Paderewski’s life; Melody in D (4 hds.), Paderewski; Evening, Read; Bewitching Fairy, Keller; The Revellers, Cadman; Sizilietta (4 hds.), Franz von Blon.

Music Lecture-Recital by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lynes. Subject: American Composers.
The Mill, Op. 26, No. 7, Paine; Love Me if I Live, Op. 26, No. 2, The Night has a Thousand Eyes, Op. 26, No. 3, Foote; Scotch Poem, Op. 39, Shadow Dance, Op. 31, Macdowell; Dear Love, When in Thine Arms, Thou art so like a Flower, Chadwick; Meditation, Op. 26, Lang; Scottish Legend, The Year’s at the Spring, Op. 44, No. 1, Mrs. Beach; Nocturne in A, Op. 37, No. 1, Apparitions, Op. 43, No. 1, Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sigh no More, Op. 19, No. 4, Lynes.

An Afternoon with Modern Composers, by Ruth Trotter.
Every number of this program appeared in The Etude. Minuet, Paderewski; Valse, Op. 69, No. 1, Chopin; Serenade, Moszkowski; Barcarolle in F minor, Op. 30, No. 1, Rubinstein; Mazovia, Op. 233, Lack; Russian Dance, Michiels; Tanz-Vergnügen, Op. 68, Scharwenka; Russian Mazurka (4 hds.), Baltzell; June, Barcarolle, Op. 37, No. 6, Tschaikowsky; Serenade, Op. 191, No. 4, Strelezki; Mi Teresita, Petite Valse, Carreño; Polish Dance, Op. 37, No. 1, Scharwenka.

Pupils of the Northwestern Conservatory of Music.
A la Minuetto from Op. 7, Grieg; Au Soir (At Evening), Paderewski; A Winter Lullaby (vocal), De Koven; Mazurka, Leschetizky; Goodnight, Nevin; Minuetto, Schubert; Bourrée, Bach; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Husheen (vocal), Needham; Open Now Thy Blue Eyes (vocal), Massenet; Moderato from Sonata in A minor, Op. 42, Schubert; La Fileuse, Raff.

Pupils of Wirtz Piano School.
Solfegietto, P. E. Bach; In the Woodland, Döring; Murmuring Brooklet, Sartorio; Gavotte, Neustedt; Arachne Spinning, W. G. Smith; Tarantelle, Lynes; Butterflies, Grieg; Scherzo, Voss; Etude, Ravina; Tarantelle, Lack; Spring Song, Merkel; Reverie, Atherton; Mazurka, Echeverria; Valse Lente, Schütt; Guirlandes, Godard.

Pupils of Miss Ruth E. Hoppin.
Ride of the Hunters, Lynes; Barcarolle (4 hds.), Mrs. Crosby Adams; Hush-a-bye Baby (4 hds.), Dance of the Marionettes, Adams; Jumping the Rope, Seeboeck; The Hunters (4 hds.), Gurlitt; Polka (6 hds.), Bollmann; Tyrolienne, Beaumont; Rustling Leaves, Kölling; Two Juveniles, Burty; Echoes of the Ball. Gillet; The Keepsake (4 hds.), Petrie; Etude, Ravina; La Cinquantaine, Gabriel Marie; March Militaire (4 hds.), Schubert; Gypsy Rondo, Haydn; Spring Song, Mendelssohn.

Pupils of Noble Street School of Musical Art, Brooklyn.
Overture, Husarenritt (2 pianos and violins), Spindler; Rondo Mignon, Baumfelder; Aria, “Der Freischütz” (vocal), Weber; Chanson Des Alpes, Op. 51, Ryder; Schottische, Op. 550, Engelmann; Mazurka Caprice, Op. 22, Ellenberg; Polka Rondo, No. 3, Thorne; Overture Semiramis (2 pianos and violins), Rossini; Sunbeam Waltz, Read; Caprice Brillante, Lawrence; Poeme d’Amour, Davis; As the Dawn (vocal), Cantor; Careless Elegance, Wood; Salut á Pesth, Kowalski.

Pupils of Grant Connell.
Charge of the Hussars, Spindler; Novellette in F, Op. 21, Schumann; Impromptu Mazurka, Op. 120, Lack; Narcissus, Op. 13, Nevin; Les Sylphes, Bachmann; Au Matin, Op. 83, Godard; Barcarolle, Le Hache; The Sky Lark, Tschaikowsky; Dance of the Demons, Hoist; Second Mazurka, Op. 54, Godard; On the Race Course (4 hds.), Blake.

Pupils of J. Hillary Taylor.
Song of Leisure (4 hds.), Sturner; Gypsy Love Song, Herbert; Mazurka, F. R. Webb; Soldiers’ March, Schumann; First Daffodil (4 hds.), Orth; A Dream (vocal), Bartlett; In May, Behr; In the Garden, Gurlitt; Parade (4 hds.), Kölling; Tone Blossoms, Sartorio; Yuletide Bells (4 hds.), Goerdeler; Staccato Polka, R. Mulder; Dancing on the Green, Bordman; Theme and Variations, Haydn; Melody of Love, Engelmann; Intermezzo (4 hds.), Mascagni.

Pupils of Mrs. Petersen.
Honeysuckle Polka (4 hds.), Rosewig; A Dance on the Lawn, Biehl; Dainty Miss Daisy, Engelmann; Peri Waltzes, d’Albert; Fairy Polka, Spindler; Wind and Tide March (4 hds.), Hewitt; A Rustic Dance, Howell; Strains from the Rocky Mountains, Meyer; The Chapel by the Sea, Wilson; Flag Drill and Song, Gaynor; Songs of the Birds, Smith; The Troubadour, Rohde; By the Starlit Sea, F. Weber; Kölling; Tone Blossoms, Sartorio; Yuletide Bells (4 hds.), Bohm; Butterfly, By the Frog Pond, Seeboeck; Monastery Bells, Wely; Weber’s Last Idea.

Pupils of the Hartford Conservatory of Music.
Petite Mazurka, Sapellnikoff; Dost Thou Know that Sweet Land, Thomas; Nocturne in F, Schumann; La Ruisseau, Wollenhaupt; Serenade, Neidlinger; The Quest, Eleanor Smith; Waltz in A-flat, Chopin; Lethe, F. Boot; Spring Flowers, Reinecke; Snow Flakes, Cowen; Lute Song, De Koven; Etude in F minor, Chopin; Shadow Dance, Macdowell; Andante and Scherzo, David; Were My Songs with Wings Provided, Hahn; Lockruf, Rückauf; Tannhäuser Fantasie, Raff; Dreams, Strelezki.

Pupils of Limestone College.
Rose Fay, Heins; The Little Wanderer, Gurlitt; The Merry Mill, Hitz; The Fairy Bark, Smallwood; Snowflakes (vocal), Cowen; Valse, Streabbog; Twilight, Bohm; Playing Tag, Margstein; Melodie, Paderewski; The Violet (vocal), Mozart; On the Heath, Lange; Valse, Durand; Coasting, Hiller; In Twilight, Gänschals; Pink, Lichner; When Spring Comes Laughing (vocal), Galloway; Coral Polonaise, Baumfelder; Home Again, Lichner; An Autumn Reverie, Ashford; Valse, Tschaikowsky; Song Without Words, Gurlitt; Polka Humoresque, Waddington.


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