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The Ripon Music Club, Dr. H. G. Shearin, Pres., sends us a copy of the club’s year book for 1904-05. The subjects of papers are: Asiatic Music, 2000-700 B.C.; Women Composers; Greek Music, 700-30 B.C.; Wagner; National Airs and Folk Songs; Latin Music, 30 b.C.-60 a.d.; Chopin; Early Christian Music, 60-500 a.d.; Song Cycle; Medieval Church Music, 500-1400 a.d.; Sacred Music; Medieval Court Music, 1400-1500 a.d.; Barcarolles, Tarantellas, and Madrigals. The club numbers 68 members.

A classic recital was given by Miss Martha S. Roch, pianist, assisted by Maurice R. Ryder, violinist, at the Prochazka studio, S. Nyack, N. Y., November 22d.

We have received the year book of the Friday Morning Musicale, Tampa, Fla., Mrs. Wm. H. Ferris, Pres. Some of the topics to be discussed are: Modern Composers’ Cradle Songs, Old Scotch Songs, Children’s Program, and American composers.

The opening recital on the new Felgemaker organ in the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Plymouth, O., was given by Mr. S. Dwight Smith, organist of the First Presbyterian Church, Allegheny, Pa., October 21, 1904.

Pupils of the elementary department of the Broad Street Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia, Pa., Gilbert R. Combs, director, gave a recital October 26th. Sixteen pupils participated.

Mr. Walter De Prefontaine, organist of the First Presbyterian Church, Norristown, Pa., arranged a series of four musical services for October 30th, November 27th, January 29th, and February 26th. They will include works by American, English, German, and French composers.

The newly added members of the Faculty of the Michigan Conservatory of Music, Detroit, Alberto Jonas, director, Mr. and Mrs. Dezso Nemes, and William Lavin, gave a recital October 21st.

Mr. E. C. Rowdon, baritone, of Chicago, has located in Lincoln, Neb., and opened a studio for the study of vocal music.

A faculty recital was given at the Central College, Mo., School of Music, September 26th.

A piano recital was given at the Freeport, Ill., Conservatory of Music, by Mr. George Edwards, head of the piano department.

The Beta Chapter of the Sinfonia, which is located at the Broad Street Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia, gave a reception to the Alpha Sigma and dormitory students, Wednesday evening, November 2. A musical program was given in the Concert Hall, after which there was a dance in the Alpha Sigma Sorority room.

Edward Baxter Perry is in the midst of his twentieth season of lecture-recital work. He finishes this month a trip of forty dates in the Northern States, during which he will play his two thousandth concert in this country, a record which no other pianist has ever equaled. He starts the first of January on a three months’ tour in the South.


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