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Pres. E. H. Scott of the Western Conservatory, Chicago, has engaged W. C. E. Seeboeck, the noted pianist and composer of that city, as special instructor in the piano department. George M. Chadwick has also been added to the faculty as teacher of harmony.

Mr. Louis Arthur Russell, of New York, gave a series of summer night recitals at Oraton Hall, Newark, with the assistance of his pupils. At a concert of the New Symphony Orchestra of Newark, of which Mr. Russell is conductor, “Pastoral Rhapsody,” idyl for soprano solo, chorus, and orchestra, music by Mr. Russell, was given.

The third annual commencement exercises of the West Side Musical College, Cleveland, O., Stephen Commery, director, were held June 20th. There were three graduates. Several new teachers have been engaged for next season.

A new organ built for the Battle Creek, Mich., Sanitarium, by the Compensating Pipe Organ Company, was formally opened, June 29th, by Mr. Orwin A. Morse, of the Battle Creek College of Music.

Mrs. Gertrude Elizabeth McKellar, organist and choir director of the Thirteenth Street Presbyterian Church, New York City, is the first member of the fair sex to receive the Fellowship degree of the American Guild of Organists. She has been engaged for the Guilmant Organ School, New York City.

The commencement and closing exercises of the St. Francis Academy, Joliet, Ill., were held June 22d.

The Korthener Music Study Club, assisted by pupils of Mrs. C. E. Stock, gave an invitation concert at Toledo, O., June 13th.

During the past month Mr. Walter Spry gave a series of four historical piano recitals as a part of the summer normal course of the Sherwood Music School, Chicago.

A new choral organization has been formed in Dallas, Tex., to be known as the Y. M. C. A. Choral Society. Mr. Clarence Magee was elected director.

We have received a very interesting announcement of the work of the Washburn College School of Fine Arts, Topeka, Kans., of which Mr. George B. Penny is dean. This school seems to be thoroughly equipped to do work of a high order.

We have been very much interested in the year-book of the Central Congregational Church Choir of Galesburg, Ill., for 1903-1904, of which Mr. William F. Bentley is director. The choir numbers 125 voices. The record of works performed includes 49 anthems, 11 quartets, and 51 solos, a list that will be valuable to choir leaders. During the same period the organist, Mr. John Winter Thompson, performed 199 pieces by the representative composers for the organ.

The Busy Bees Music Study Club, Miss Emily L. Peelor, teacher, gave their first musical matinee June 25th. A musical and literary program was presented.

An analytical piano recital was given by Miss Parry Bundy’s pupils at Topeka, Kans. The subject was “Characteristic Dances of Nations.”

A series of “Quarter Century Recitals” were given by pupils of Mr. W. L. Blumenschein, Dayton, O., to celebrate the twenty-fifth year of Mr. Blumenschein’s musical work in that city.

A service of song was held in Northampton, Mass., June 5th, by a chorus of 200 voices from the various city choirs, the Northampton Vocal Club, of an orchestra, directed by Mr. E. B. Story.

Mr. Herve D. Wilkins, of Rochester, N. Y., formally opened the new organ built by the J. W. Steere & Son Organ Company, for the M. E. Church, Middleport, N. Y., June 17th. He was assisted by Mrs. Arnold Addy, soprano.



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