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Recital Programs.


Pupils of Sprankle Studio of Music.
The Merry Bobolink, Krogmann; Merriment, Heins; Under the Linden, Schmoll; Curious Story, Heller; Tulip Polka, Lichner; Mother Hubbard Waltz, Engelmann; Song of Spring, Schmoll; Girard Gavotte, Fondey; On the Meadow, Lichner; Little Boy Blue March, Engelmann; Nocturne—Dream of Angel, D’Orso; Titania, Wély; Fleeting Joys, Handrock; Sunflower Dance, MacClymont; Elfin Dance, Rathbun; Dying Poet, Gottschalk; Preghiera—from Concert Militaire, Bazzini; Valse Caprice, Newland; To My Star, Bohm; Last Hope, Gottschalk; In Cherry Time, D’Orso; Cavatina, Raff; Madrigal, Simonetti; Rondo Brilliant, Weber; Mazeppa (4 hands), Strelezki.

Pupils of Walter de Prefontaine.
William Tell (4 hands), Rossini; Hunting the Butterflies, Hirsch; Frolics, Chittenden; Columbine, Streabbog; Scherzo, Bielfield; Dorothy, Smith; Tobasco, Chadwick; Black Forest Clock, Heins; I Think of Thee, Doppler; On the Meadow, Lichner; Cupid’s Garden, Eugene; Sonata in C, Op. 55, No. 3, Kuhlau; Edelweiss, Vander Beck; Minuet, Paderewski; Songs Without Words, No. 8, Mendelssohn; Hungarian March (4 hands), Liszt.

Pupils of Mrs. P. A. Skeen.
The Palm Branches (4 hands), Faure; Au Die Gewehre, Ortlepp; My Desert Queen (song), Hamilton Gray; The Hunter’s Call, Bohm; Only to Thee, Dan Doré; After Sunset, Schweske; Saltarelle Caprice, Schnecker; A May Day (4 hands), Rathbun; Rose Leaves Mazurka, Franz; My Redeemer and My Lord (song), Buck; Spinning Song, Mendelssohn; Farfaletta, Marks; One Glimpse, Beloved, of the Rose (Song), Schnecker; La Lisonjera, Chaminade; Marche des Tziganes (4 hands), De Quinn.

Pupils of Mrs. William C. Leonardi.
The Palms (4 hands), Faure-Northrup; Etude (4 hands), Diabelli; Oriana, Macy; Sunflowers (4 hands), Strelezki; Chansonette, Rogers; Dolcinelle, Macy; Golden Rod, Oehmler; The Last Smile, Wollenhaupt; Sonate Allegro, Op. 12, Mozart; By the Mountain Spring, Bohm; Humoresque, Op. 68, Brandeis.

Pupils of C. L. Riege.
Advance of the Guards, Schmoll; The Red Sarafan, Kronn; Flower Song, Lange; Two Thoughts (Grave and Gay), Necke; Evening Star, Goerdeler; Traum der Sennerin (4 hands), Labitsky; Little Rosebud, Waddington; Spinnerlied, Hollaender; The Skylark, Tschaikowsky; Curious Story, Heller; Serenade, Schubert; Moonlight on the Hudson, Smith; Country Dance (4 hands), Nevin.

Pupils of Miss Wolcott.
Happy Farmer, Schumann; Jolly Huntsman, Merkel; Water Nympth, Nevin; Recollections of Italy, Nurnberg; Fanfare from Wm. Tell (4 hands), Rossini; Fantasie, Tarantelle, Binet; Magyar Dance, Erkel; Mazurka, Op. 17, No. 1, Chopin; Hunting Song, Op. 19, No. 3, Mendelssohn; Nocturne, Op. 37, No. 1, Chopin; Loure, Bach.

Pupils of Patton Seminary Conservatory of Music.
Spring Song, Merkel; Over the Way, Marshall; Wedding Music (8 hands), Jensen; La Belle et la Bete, Papini; Still as the Night (song), Bohm; Children’s Dance, Gurlitt; Minuet (4 hands), Tours; My Little Love (song), Hawley; Tarantella, Heller; Simple Aveu, Thome; Bubbling Spring, Rivé-King; Hexentanz (8 hands), Hoist.

Pupils of Bertha Wille.
Air de Ballet, Schnecker; Gipsy Dance, Lichner; Curious Story, Heller; On the Meadow, Lichner; Tanz Rondo, Biehl; By Moonlight, Zannoni; Song of Spring, Kirchner; Polish Dance, Scharwenka; Melody in F, Rubinstein; Second Mazurka, Godard; Allegro, from Op. 14, No. 2, Beethoven; Fanfare from William Tell (duet), Rossini.

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