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The forty-second annual commencement exercises of Wesleyan College of Music, Bloomington, Ill., were held June 10th and 14th.
A series of piano recitals by advanced pupils were given just before the closing of the Martha Washington College School of Music.
Mr. Eugene C. Heffley, of Pittsburgh, will have charge of Mr. Edward Macdowell’s piano students during the latter’s absence in his concert-tour next season.
The Musicians’ Club, of Monticello, Iowa, held their annual guest-night, May 19th. Fillmore’s “History of Music” and Mathews’ “The Masters and their Music” were used as text-books.
The University of Illinois, under the usual entrance conditions, accepted students in the courses of music without requiring them to pay tuition. Special courses are offered in Public-School Music.
Mr. James M. Tracy gave a series of recitals from the works of the classical writers at Golden, Col.
The combined choral societies of Marysville and Bellefontaine, O., gave the “Elijah” at Marysville, June 3d, under the direction of Mr. O. H. Evans.
The festival organization of Iowa City, with the aid of the Chicago Festival Orchestra, under Rosenbecker, gave Mendelssohn’s “St. Paul,” June 2d.
The annual commencement of the Broad Street Conservatory, Philadelphia, Mr. G. R. Combs, director, was held June 3d. Dr. Clarke addressed the graduates and presented the diplomas and certificates.
As a part of the commencement exercises at the West Virginia Conference Seminary, “The Messiah” was given under the direction of Mr. J. J. Jelley.
The Halifax, N. S., Symphony Orchestra and Chorus gave a May Festival under the direction of Mr. Max Weil.
The Paris, Mo., Choral Union, under the direction of Mr. R. Clark Hubbard, gave a May Music Festival.
Edward Baxter Perry has completed his season of a hundred lecture-recitals and will be located for the summer months at his cottage at Camden, Maine. He will complete during leisure this summer his book of fifty descriptive analyses of pianoforte compositions, to be published by Theo. Presser, under the title of “Interpretation of Piano-Music.”



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