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Recital Programs

Pupils of Limestone College School of Music.
Bosquet de Julie, from “Am Genfer See,” Op. 139, No. 3, Bendel. Le Papillon, D-major, Op. 26, No. 2, Dennée. Moderato Con Grazia, from “Six Tone-Lyrics,” Waddington. Fairy Tale, Op. 69, No. 11, Schytte. A Pleasant Morning Ride, Op. 4, No. 2, Lichner. Beauty’s Eyes (song), Tosti. Sonata, G-major, Op. 14, No. 2, Beethoven. In the Dark, In the Dew (song), Coombs. On the Sea; The Shepherd, from Op. 11; In the Mill, Volkmann.
Pupils of Herve D. Wilkins.
Novelette in F, Op. 21; Warum, Schumann. Nocturne in G-minor, Op. 37, Chopin. My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair (vocal), Haydn. In Thy Dreams (vocal), Buck. Grande Scherzo, Gottschalk.
Pupils of Robert Thallon.
Peer Gynt Suite, Grieg. Vocal: When Thou Art Near, Lohr; Lullaby from “Jocelyn,” Godard; At Parting, Rogers. Concerto in A-minor, Hummel. Vocal: Carmena, Wilson; In April, Hawley; No One Saw at All, Loewe. Organ Solos: Cantilene in G, Stebbins; Grand Chorus in D, Guilmant. Sakuntala, Goldmark. Vocal: Calm as the Night, The First Song, Goetz. L’Arlesienne (No. 2), Bizet.
Virginia Female Institute, Staunton, 7a., Pupils’ Recital.
Serenata, Streletzki. The Two Roses, Webb. Berceuse, Jensen. Polonaise, A-major, Chopin. Air de Ballet, Chaminade. Glory to God (song), Minetti. Silver Spring, Mason.
Pupils of Luella Clark Emery.
Second Valse (four hands), Godard. Cavalier’s Farewell (two pianos, eight hands), Ritter. Boy’s Merry-Go-Round, Gade. Le Matin (two pianos, four hands), Chaminade. Menuetto, Op. 7 (two pianos), Grieg. Ungarische Tanze, D-minor (two pianos), Brahms. March of the Mariners (two pianos), Holst. Beauties de Coppelia (four hands), Délibes-Vilbac. Serenade (two pianos), Josef Löw. Valse, E minor (two pianos, eight hands), Chopin.
Pupils of Tillinghast School of Music.
Evening Song, Gurlitt. Dance, Newcombe. The Joyous Peasant, Schumann. Kinder Marsch, Merkel. Fest Marsch, Löw. Diamond Schottische, Engelmann. Evening (four hands), Löw. Flemish Dance, Bonheur. The Call to Arms, Heller. Madrileña, Wachs. Le Postilion d’Amour (four hands), Behr.
Pupils of Pearl Waugh.
Curious Story, Heller. Return of the Reapers, Gregh. Archer’s Patrol, Concone. Serenade Aragonaise, Czibulka. Romantic Story, Heller. The Butterfly, Schmoll. The Sailor-Boy’s Dream, le Hache. First Valse, Durand. Sunset (vocal), Dudley Buck. Scherzo in B-flat, Schubert. The Highland Maid, Lange. Nocturne, Schytte. Columbine, Delehaye. Cradle-Song, Schytte. Tremolo Reverie, Rosellen. Words of Love, Ganz. Petit Bolero, Ravina. Vocal: In the Dark, In the Dew, Coombs; My Nightingale, de Koven. The Dying Poet, Gottschalk. Idilio, Lack. Serenade, Kroeger. Rondo Capriccioso, Mendelssohn. Polish Dance, Scharwenka. Waltz de Concert, Wieniawski. Tremolo Etude, Gottschalk. Vocal: Calm as the Night, C. Bohm; For This, de Koven. Rustles of Spring, Sinding. Valse Romantique, Gregh.
Pupils of S. N. Thatcher.
Au Revoir, Lichner. Gipsy Dance (four hands), Hunt. Darktown Frolic, Sudds. Her Image, Lichner. The Millwheel, Smith. May Blossoms, Lange. Frolic of the Butterflies, Op. 282, Bohm. Wedding March (two pianos, eight hands), Mendelssohn. Till we Meet, Lange. Scherzo, Broustet. Loin du Bal, Gillet. My Dainty Lass, le Duc. May is Coming, Lichner. La Chatelaine, le Duc. Whether I Love Thee, Lichner. Minuet Antique, Paderewski. Rondo Capriccioso, Mendelssohn.
Pupils of Scio College Conservatory of Music.
The Great White Throne (vocal), Brown. Coquette Valse, Caprice, Bachmann. Au Soir, Op. 10, No. 1, Paderewski. Grand Tarantella Brillante, Mazurette. A Barcarolle (vocal duet), Gregh. Nocturne, Op. 15, No. 3, Chopin. Spring Song, Mendelssohn. Chariot Race, Schytte. On Blooming Meadows, Valse, Rivé-King. Zingara, Op. 29, Chaminade. Andante from Symphony in C-major (two pianos, eight hands), Schubert.
Pupils of T. E. Fillmore.
Papillons, Op. 2, Schumann. Papillon, Op. 43, No. 1; Wather’s Night-Song, Op. 12, No. 3; To Spring, Op. 43, No. 6, Grieg. Ashes of Roses (song), Wood. Ecstasy (song), Beach. A Kamennoi-Ostrow, Op. 10, No. 22, Rubinstein. Awakening of Spring, Op. 53, 3, Haberbier. Etude Mignonne, Schütt. Valtz Chromatique, Leschetizky. Spring Dawn, Mason. Romance, MacDowell. March, Hollaender.

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