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Uniformity of Organ-Pedals.

The effort of the American Guild of Organists to bring about the adoption of a universal pedal keyboard, as well as greater uniformity in the arrangement of the console, should command the attention and support of every organist. With regard to the above subject, the Guild sent circulars to many organists and organ-builders requesting the personal preference of each one. In the replies from the organists over 20 favored the parallel and straight pedals, 7 preferred the concave pedal-board, 3 preferred radiating pedals, and 1 advocated the combined radiating and concave pedals.

In December the Guild called a meeting of its members at the studio of Dr. Gerrit Smith, to which were invited all the organ-builders, for the purpose of discussing the subject and obtaining a more definite idea of the views of the members and their reasons for such views. The entire meeting was given up to the discussion of the pedal-board, and the majority of those present were in favor of straight and parallel pedals. Another meeting will be held soon in which the matter will be again discussed and plans formulated for the adoption of a standard. Every member of the Guild who lives near enough should attend these meetings, as the matter is of the greatest importance to all organists, and only by a general interchange of views can a plan which will be satisfactory to the majority be adopted. If those who live at too great a distance to attend the meetings will send their views in writing to the secretary, Mr. Abram Ray Tyler, 82 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, the opinions will receive proper attention as well as those of the members who are present.

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