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National Federation Of Musical Clubs. News of the Federated Clubs. Northern Middle Section.

The Polyhymnia Club, of Saginaw, Mich., will give its last subscription concert early in May, with Joseph Baernstein as soloist. It will be remembered that this is the club that has a May Festival well under way for the 20th and 21st of May, when the Boston Festival Orchestra and a chorus of one hundred and fifty voices will give Mendelssohn’s “Hymn of Praise” and Gade’s “Crusaders.” The club has secured a financial guarantee for this festival from the businessmen of Saginaw. This little organization of only thirty-six members makes up in courage and enterprise what it lacks in size, and it ought to be an inspiration to other small bands of women to plan and execute great things as they have done.

Owing to changes in officers and in some cases to an entire reorganization and renaming of clubs, the list of federated clubs, arranged and published by the National Federation in November, 1900, now contains several errors which will be corrected in these columns from time to time. Note the following:

The Cecilia Choral Society, Duluth, Minn., is now the Matinee Musicale, Mrs. G. Herbert Jones, secretary, 2027 East First Street, Duluth, Minn.

The present secretary of the Music Students’ Club, of Davenport, Iowa, is Mrs. J. R. Preston, corner of Twelfth and Perry Streets.

The new clubs not noted in aforementioned list are:

The Musical Club, Lanark, Ill. President, Miss Lillian Clemmer; corresponding secretary, Miss Leona Hess, Lanark, Ill.

The Rubinstein Club, Fennville, Mich. President, Miss Gertrude Hawley; corresponding secretary, Miss J. Lucille Wade, Fennville, Mich.

Wabash Amateur Club, Wabash, Ind. President, Mrs. Frank Blonnt; corresponding secretary, Miss Emma Daugherty, 320 West Hill Street, Wabash, Ind.

Schumann Club, St. Louis, Mo. President, Mrs. R. H. W. Goodum, 4934 Fountain Avenue; corresponding secretary, Miss Lottie D. Harrison, 6023 Clemens Avenue.

Musical Literary Club, Tama, Iowa. President, Mrs. J. B. Murdough; corresponding secretary, Miss C. H. Hanson.

The Schubert Club of St. Paul has engaged the Kneisel String Quartet, of Boston, for May 14th, and is working hard to make the occasion a red-letter day in its history. It has wisely been studying string-quartet music all the present season, with a view to a better appreciation of the exquisite work done by the Kneisels. The Riedelsberger String Quartet, a fine local organization, has already given three excellent programs, and will give one more before the club and its guests before May.—Mrs. Russell R. Dorr, Chairman of Press Committee of Northern Middle Section.

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