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IN MISS SHEDD'S BOOK ON THE "AMERICAN Method," which will soon be published, she will give scientific reasons why the "American Method," or the science of pure tone-development, has never been taught. The scientific principles of this method will have the endorsement of well-known men of science and our great artists. Extracts from her book will be found in current issues of the month.
WANTED—A POSITION TO TEACH BEGINNERS in or near Philadelphia in return for instruction. Address: 320 Mechanic Street, Camden, N. J.
FOR SALE CHEAP — POPULAR PATRIOTIC "March and Two-step" for piano; also full band and orchestra. Entire rights relinquished. Address: 3434 N. Fifteenth Street, Philadelphia.
WANTED—A VOICE-TEACHER OF EXPERIENCE. Address: The Rt. Rev. James B. Funsten, St. Margaret's School, Boisé, Idaho.

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