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A piano-recital was given in Griffith Hall, Monday evening, March 26th, by Mr. Constantin von Sternberg, which was highly successful. The program contained several numbers rarely heard to-day, which made the occasion interesting and instructive. Mr. Sternberg played with his usual brilliancy and poetic feeling.

The Boston Musical Bureau, which is under the management of Mr. Henry C. Lahee, is doing a fine business. It is located at 218 Tremont Street.

Miss Elizabeth de Barrie Gill, of Philadelphia, made her first appearance in Boston recently. Her singing voice is a rich contralto. She sang “Could I,” by Tosti, and “The Auld Plaid Shawl,” by Haynes, the latter being especially enjoyable. She was assisted by the Brahms quartet and Miss Lida J. Low, accompanist.

The Eighth Annual Kansas Musical Jubilee will be held in Hutchinson, May 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th, in the Auditorium Building, which has a seating capacity of 3500. The jubilees held heretofore have been very successful. Two thousand dollars will be given away in prizes. Professors George A. Burdette, of Boston, and E. R. Kroeger, of St. Louis, have been secured to act as judges of the jubilee. An interstate vocal solo contest will also be held. The prize is $100 cash. A number of musicians of national reputation have signified their intention of competing for this prize.

The Octave Club of Philadelphia gave its third annual concert on March 10th, assisted by the New Century Ladies’ Quartet, and Mr. Maurits Leefson.

The Manuscript Music Society of Philadelphia held its Fifth Private Meeting Wednesday evening, March 21st, at the Church of the New Jerusalem. The program consisted of organ pieces, songs for soprano, and anthems.

Edward Baxter Perry closes his season of one hundred and five lecture-recitals this month, and will spend the summer at his cottage at Camden, Maine, on Penobscot Bay.

The announcement that the Faelten Pianoforte School, of Boston, will hold a summer session in July will be of interest to teachers all over the country. The school has not had a summer session for two years, but so many teachers want to learn about the system that the management has decided to change its plans for this season.

The Fourteenth Grade Promotion Recital was given by the members of the E. F. Beal Pianoforte Class on March 1st.

At the concert of the Choral Symphony Society, of St. Louis, on March 9th, E. R. Kroeger’s symphonic overture, “Sardanapalus,” was given. Mr. Kroeger’s “Thanatopsis” won distinction last year, but by no means the applause and commendation accorded to this later work.

A chamber music concert was given by the Vilim Trio in Kimball Rehearsal Hall on March 27th.

A concert, by the Pianoforte Pupils of J. H. Hahn, of the Detroit Conservatory of Music, was given on February 21st.

The Eighteenth Piano-recital by the pupils of Walter Sprankle was given on March 7th.

Miss Julia Chapman, a musician of Chattanooga, Tenn., has just passed away. Miss Chapman was especially well loved in musical circles, and the loss is felt by her many friends.

The second of a series of recitals devoted to American composers was given by J. A. Carson, of Carrollton, Ill., on February 20th. Mr. Carson was assisted by Miss Ida Miner, violinist.

Mr. Frederick Maxson, concert-organist, gave a recital in the Central Congregational Church of Philadelphia, on February 17th, in the Beacon Presbyterian Church on February 20th, and at the Church of the Ascension, Atlantic City, on February 26th.

A recital was given at the studio of Edw. Mayerhofer, of Yonkers, N. Y., on February 24th.

A lecture-recital was given in the Mount de Sales Academy at Catonsville, Md., on February 24th, by Edward Baxter Perry.

A concert of the compositions of Alexander von Fielitz was given by the Cleveland School of Music, Alfred Arthur, director, on March 21st.

A matinee musicale was given on March 10th by Miss Nellie Hagerty, pianist, assisted by Florence Yakish and Philip Bloomer, violinists, and N. W. Preston, basso.

The Second Piano-recital was given by the pupils of Wilson G. Smith, on the evening of February 28th.

The last concert of the Kneisel Quartet in Philadelphia for this season was given on March 26th. The soloist was Mary Hallock, pianist. This will be Miss Hallock’s last appearance in Philadelphia this season, as she will immediately begin the study of the Paderewski “Concerto” under this great maestro’s instruction, in which she will be heard next season in concert.

A musicale was given by the Senior Class of the Conservatory of Music, Scio College, on March 20th. S. Leonard Bell is musical director.

The Twenty-third Recital by William H. Sherwood was given on March 15th. At the concert of the St. Louis Choral Symphony Society on February 22d, Mr. Sherwood played before the largest and most enthusiastic audience in the history of the society.

J. Bond Francisco and pupils, of Los Angeles, Cal., gave a recital on March 13th.


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