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The sixth conversational lecture-recital of the regular Thursday evening series was given at the Clavier Company’s Piano School on November 23d. The lecture was one of the most interesting of the series, and very valuable to teachers and students of the pianoforte.

Mr. Frederick Maxson, organist, of Philadelphia, has recently given several enjoyable recitals. On November 10th, at Phœnixville, Pa.; on November 16th, at the Drexel Institute, Philadelphia; and a series of four on consecutive Monday evenings in the Central Congregational Church, Philadelphia.

Mr. Wm. J. Henderson will deliver his second lecture on the “Classic and Romantic in Piano Music” at the New York College of Music on the afternoon of January 3d. Miss Florence Terrell will illustrate at the piano.

Mr. James W. Hill’s second pupils’ recital was given on December 16th. Miss Idalia Levy, soprano, and Miss Edith Belches, contralto, assisted.

The pupils of James M. Tracy, Des Moines, Iowa, gave a piano recital on the evening of November 27th.

The sixteenth piano recital by the pupils of Mr. Walter S. Sprankle, Indianapolis, was given on the evening of November 8th.

A piano and voice recital of the Musical Department of Austin College, Effingham, Ill., was given under the direction of Iola M. Gilbert, on November 4th. A second evening was given on November 6th. Miss Gilbert is also president of the Musical Culture Club of Effingham, Ill.

A choir concert was given on October 24th in the Central Congregational Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, at which Mr. J. W. Matthews assisted; also Mlle. G. Mollot and Miss Annie Buckle.

The first recital given by the students of the Music and Elocution Departments of the Polytechnic College occurred on the evening of November 27th. Mme. A. von Kalow is musical directress.

The thirty-third musicale given by Mr. Alexander Henneman, of St. Louis, Mo., was held on Sunday afternoon, December 17th. These musicales are given weekly.

A musicale was given by the Ladies’ Chorus Club of San Antonio, Texas, on December 6th, under the direction of Mr. H. Clark, Jr.

The St. Cecilia Society of Shorter College, Rome, Ga., gave an evening with Chopin on November 6th, and another on November 20th.

The eighty-fifth recital at the College of Music, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, of which Wm. J. Hall is president, was given on November 25th by Miss Sadie Carskaddon.

The recital given by Mr. C. Rupprecht, organist, on December 3d, in the Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church, St. Louis, Mo., was very enjoyable. Mrs. Dr. C. G. Bang, whose voice is at its best in sacred music, assisted.

An organ recital was given in the Church of Our Saviour, Roslindale, Mass., on November 23d, by E. Russell Sanborn.

The pupils of Geo. Marks Evans, of Wilkesbarre, Pa., gave a recital on the evening of November 28th.

A piano and song recital was given by the students of the Department of Music, Stephens College, Columbia, Mo., on the evening of December 18th.

An organ recital was given the Daughters of the American Revolution on October 25th by Mr. F. R. Webb, of Staunton, Va., assisted by the Misses Bayne and Hopkins.

The piano recital given on December 12th by Miss Mary Josephine Wight, of the Faculty of Music, Oxford College, Oxford, Ohio, was by far the most important event of the fall term. The program presented was a brilliant one, and of unusual variety. Miss Wight was a pupil of Carl Faelten, and later of Leschetizky.

An illustrated lecture on “Bach: His Life, Works, and Influence,” was given on the evening of November 29th, in the Doane College Chapel, Crete, Neb., by Mr. W. Irving Andruss, director of the Department of Music.

Mr. Charles A. Fischer, of St. Paul, Minn., contributed an interesting article on “St. Paul as a Musical City” to the “Tägliche Volkszeitung” last month.

Miss Mary Hallock, pianiste, of Philadelphia, played a very successful engagement with the Pittsburg Orchestra last month. She will also play with the Kneisel Quartet at Princeton and Philadelphia during the season.

The thirteenth organ recital was given in the Edwards Church, Northampton, Mass., on the evening of October 12th, Professor E. B. Story presiding.

We acknowledge the receipt of 1899-1900 prospectus of the Memphis College of Music, of which R. Jefferson Hall and Cecil Carl Forsyth are the musical directors.

We acknowledge the prospectus of the Gamut Club, of New York city, of which the Rev. Dr. Howard Duffield is president. The meetings are held fortnightly.

The musical kindergarten introduced so successfully last year in the Monroe School of Music, of which A. W. Gale is director, will be made a prominent feature this year. The school had a propitious opening.

Mr. H. H. Darby, organist of Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, has done much to awaken interest in both vocal and organ music among the audiences in St. Louis.


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