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Concert Programmes.

Baylor University, Waco, Texas.
Paroles D’Amour, Ganz; Chant Poetique, Houseley; Impromptu, No. 2, Schubert; Aspiration, Sydney Smith; Polonaise, Chopin; Fantasia, No. 23, Mozart; Rondau Brilliante, Op. 62, Weber; Ballade, Op. 47, Chopin; Tarantelle, Pieczonka; Rhapsodie Hongrois, No. 6, Liszt.

Wesley an Musical Department, Wilbraham, Mass.
“Jubal,” Overture, Weber; Chorus, “In Spring,” Bargeil; Sonata Pastorale, Op. 28, Beethoven; Solo and “Chorus of Angels” from Eli, Costa; Spanish Dances, Op. 12, Moszkowski; Slumber Song, Mattei; Passepied, Vogrich; Polacca Brillante, Op. 72, Weber; Kamenoi Ostrow, Rubinstein.

Normal School Chapel, West Chester, Pa.
Lustpiel, Overture, 2 pianos, Keler-Bala; Fabliau, Raff; Ernani, “Fly with Me,” Verdi; Spinning Song, Bendel; “Robin Adair,” Female Chorus, Harmonized by D. Buck; Lichtertanz (from Opera “Feramors”), 4 hands, Rubinstein; Tarantelle, Dohler; Capriccio, Op. 22, (Orchestral accompaniment on 2d piano), Mendelssohn; Robert, “Idol of my Heart,” Meyerbeer.

Corservatory (sic) of Music, Lincoln Neb., Wednesday Evening June 10th, 1891.
“Impromptu Waltz,” Raff; Vocal Trio, “Mia Madre,” (My Mother), Campana; Piano, “Deuxieme Mazurka,” Godard; Piano, Rondino in C, Adam Geibel; Sonata in A major, Mozart; Two Pianos, Hungarian Dance No. 1, Brahms; Vocal, “I’ll Follow Thee,” Farmer; Piano, “Tam O’Shanter,” Warren; Piano, Concert Waltz, “On Blooming Meadows,” Rivé King. Thursday Evening June 11th, 1891. Recital by the Junior Students.—Piano, ” Rondino,” Op. 21, Hunten; Piano, “Barcarolle,” Godard; Quartet, “Lullaby,” Arranged; Piano, “Swing Song,” Fontaine; Piano, “Dance of the Elves,” Spindler; Violin, Variations, Wohlfahrt; Piano, Spanish Melody, Behr; Piano, “The Trumpeters,” Spindler; Piano, ” Fairy Minuet,” Leysburg; Piano, “La Graie,” Bohne; Piano, “Spanish Dance,” Moszkowski.

Conservatory of Music, Tiffin, Ohio.
Fugue in A minor, Bach; Adagio from Sonata Pathetique, Op. 13, Beethoven ; Tarantelle, Op. 13, No. 1, Nicode; “But the Lord is Mindful of His Own,” from St. Paul, Mendelssohn; “O for the Wings of a Dove,” Mendelssohn; Concerto, Op. 25, Andante and Presto, Mendelssohn; Recitative, “And God said, Let the Earth,” Aria, “With Verdure Clad,” from The Creation, Haydn; Romance, F sharp, Schumann; Berceuse, Op. 57, Chopin; Concerto, Op. 37, Rondo, Beethoven; Canzonetta—“Night is falling,” Haydn, Viardot; Prelude and Fugue, C minor, from Well Tempered Clavier, Bach; Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2, Chopin; Rigoletto, Verdi, Liszt; The Return, Lucantoni; Concertstuck, Op. 79, Last Movement, Weber; “Dark Day of Horror,” from Semiramide, Rossini; Ecstacy, Alary; Faust Valse, Gounod, Liszt.

Henderson, Ky., Music School.
Piano Quartette, Martha Overture, Flotow; Piano Solo, Hunting Song, Mendelssohn; Vocal Duet, Nocturne, Masini; Piano Solo, Valse Styrienne, Wollenhaupt; Vocal Solo, Joan of Arc, Bordese; Piano Solo, Danse Antique, Houseley; Piano Duet, Polka Elegante, Behr; Vocal Solo, Fernando, Donizetti; Piano Solo, Valse Arabesque, Wilson G. Smith; Vocal Duet, “Sailing Away,” Smart; Piano Solo, Grande Valse, Mattei; Chorus, “On the Field of Glory,” Donizetti; Piano Quartette, Overture, “Merry Wives of Windsor,” Nicolai.

Piano Pupils of Mr. A. W. Pike, Stamford, Conn.
Duet, 2d Regiment Quickstep, Rosewig; Oberon, Oesten; Love and Chivalry, Gottschalk; Dorothy, Smith; Simplette, Farvarger; Flower Song, Lange; Organ, “Old Folks at Home,” var., Hewitt; “Bells of Shandon,” Sudds; “Good Humor,” Baumfelder; Double Quick, March Brilliant, Wheeler; “Dear Little Heart Gavotte,” Hoist; Trio, Danse Eccosaise, Baker.

Garrard College, Lancaster, Ky.
Vocal, Aria, “Ah, Robert,” Meyerbeer; Piano, Concerto in A minor (first movement), with second piano accompaniment, Schumann; Vocal, “Heaven Has Shed a Tear,” with Violin Obligato, Kucken; Piano, Faust Valse, Liszt; Vocal Duet, “See the Pale Moon,” Campana; Piano Quartette, Overture, Oberon, Weber

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