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Gottschalk's "Angel of Music"

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This beautiful monument, in white marble, represents the figure of an angel, with one hand holding a trumpet of fame, the other an open book with the names of six of his compositions engraved on its leaves. It stands in Greenwood, Brooklyn. The pieces referred to are Le Bananier, Last Hope, Murmures Eoliens, Marche de Nuit, Dernier Amour and Morte!

At the foot of the angel is a lyre, its silver strings broken.

The base of the monument reads:

In loving memory of
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
The Celebrated American Pianist
And Composer.
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana
8th of May, 1829.
Died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
18th December, 1869
Aged 40 years.
His noble heart and generosity made him beloved by all.

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