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A Classified List of Some "Futurist" and "Modernist" Composers

The following list of composers who by their music have earned a place among the advanced musical thinkers of todayeven though some of them are dead—does not pretend to be complete. It simply serves as an abbreviated "Who's Who" showing at a glance the representative composers of each school together with their most representative works.
(French, Italian, Spanish, etc.)
 Albeniz, Isaac. Camprodon, Spain, 1861; died Cambo les Bains, France, 1909. Piano suite Iberia.
Bossi, Enrico. Salo, Italy, 1861. Oratorio, La Paradiso Perduto.
Bruneau, Alfred. Paris, 1857. Opera, L'Attaque du Moulin.
Chabrier, E. Ambert, France, 1841; died Paris, 1894. Orchestral work, Espana.
Charpentier, Gustav. Dieuze, France, 1860. Opera Louise.
Debussy, Claude A. Paris, 1862. Opera, Pelléas et Melisande, tone poem, L'Aprés Midi d'un Faune and piano pieces.
Dukas, Paul. Paris, 1865. Tone poem, L'Apprenti Sorciére, opera Ariane et Barbe-bleue.
Fanelli, E. Paris, 1860. Orchestral work, Impressions pastorales.
Granados, Enrique. Lerida, Spain,1867; died at sea,1916. Opera, Goyescas.
d'Indy, Vincent. Paris,1851. Opera, Fervaal.
Leroux, Xavier. Velletri, Italy, 1863. Operas, Astarté and La Reine Fiammetta.
Pierné, Gabriel. Metz, 1863. Cantata, Croisade des Enfants.
Ravel, Maurice. Ciboure, 1875. Sheherezade, orchestral tone poem.
Roussel, Albert. Tourcoing, France,1869. Esquisses symphoniques.
Satie, Erik. One of the first of the futurists, who insisted on writing his scores in red ink. Opera, Le fils des étoiles.
Schmitt, Florent. Blamont, France,1870. Orchestra and piano works.
(German, Austrian, etc.)
 d'Albert, E. Glasgow, 1864. Numerous operas, symphonic works, etc.
Bruckner, A. Ansfelden, Austria,1824; died Vienna, 1896. Symphonies.
Dohnanyi, Ernst von. Presburg, 1877. Orchestral and piano music.
Korngold, E. Brünn, Austria, 1897. Pantomime, The Snow Man.
Kronke, E. Danzig, 1865. Piano works, etc.
Mahler, Gustav. Kalischt, Bohemia,1860; died Vienna, 1911. Eighth symphony.
Reger, Max. Brand, Bavaria, 1873. Sinfonietta, for orchestra, and numerous works of all kinds.
Schillings, Max. Düren, Rheinland,1868. Operas and orchestral works.
Schönberg, Arnold. Vienna,1874. Kammersymphonie, etc.
Strauss, Richard. Munich,1864. Tone poems (Tod und Verklarung, etc.) and operas (Elektra, Salomé, etc.). Streicher, Theodor. Viena,1874. Choral Works, etc.
Wolf, Hugo. Windischgratz,1860; died Vienna, 1903.
Balakirev, M. A. Novgorod, 1837; died Petrograd, 1910. Symphonic poem, Thamar.
Borodin, A. P. Petrograd, 1847-87. Opera Prince Igor.
Juon, Paul. Moscow, 1872. Two symphonies, etc.
Moussorgski, M. P. Karev, 1830; died Petrograd, 1881. Opera Boris Godounov.
Rachmaninov, S. V. Novgorod, 1873. Orchestral and piano works, etc.
Rebikov, V. I. Krasnoyarsk, Siberia,1866. Pianoforte pieces, etc.
Rimsky-Korsakov, N. A. Tikhvin, Novgorod, 1844; died Petrograd, 1908, Scheherezade.
Scriabine, A. Moscow, 1872-1915. Symphonic poem, Prometheus, etc.
Stravinski, Igor. Ballets (L'Oiseau de Feu).
Taneiev, S. I. 1856; died Moscow, 1915. Operatic trilogy, Oresteia.
Bantock, Granville. London, 1868. Dramatic cantata, Omar Khayyam, etc.
Carpenter, John Alden. Park Ridge, Ill. 1876. Orchestral music and songs.
Delius, Frederick. Bradford, England, 1863. Sea-Drift for voice with orchestra.
Grainger, Percy. Millbourne, Australia, 1883. Orchestral and Piano Works.
Holbrooke, Joseph. Croydon,1878. Symphonic poem, The Masque of the Red Death.
Ornstein, Leo. New York. Piano piece, Wild Man's Dance.
Scott, Cyril. Oxton, England, 1879. Orchestral, piano works, etc.
Grieg, E. H. Bergen, Norway,1843; died 1907. Founder of the modern Scandinavian school of composers.
Sibelius, Jean. Tavastehus, Finland,1865. Symphonies, symphonic poems, etc.
Sinding, Christian. Kongsberg, Norway, 1856. Symphonies, chamber music, piano pieces, etc. (Frühlingsrauschen).

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