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An Important Suggestion to the Student of Singing

There is a time between the well-practiced task of tone-work, solpeggio-study (sic) and song-preparation, and its rendition at lesson to the singing-master that should be well considered by the pupil. It is the time that is spent immediately before the lesson and on the way to the lesson. The aim should be to prepare the vocal instrument for immediate and efficient response to the technical demands that are to come, and to have the mind active, and the spirit tranquil and receptive. For this reason the work of practice immediately before the lesson should not be arduous, and the body should not be fatigued from other duties hurriedly crowded into the last few hours before leaving for the studio or class-room. Especially avoid hurry in going to the lesson, for the tendency in hurry, or in nervous, quick walking, is to breathe through the mouth, and this in-rush of air over the vocal cords tends to dry up the natural moisture about the breath-bands. The result will often be hoarseness in tone-production, that may last during the entire instruction period of that day.—Otto Torey Simon.

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