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A Significant Inaugural.

From time to time the readers of The Etude have been acquainted with the progress of the new building of the Home for Retired Music Teachers at Germantown, Pa. It must be clear to our subscribers that mention of this home in the columns of The Etude is made solely for their information. We have waved aside all thought that any idea of exploitation may be associated with this institution, the buildings, ground and endowment of which are the personal gift of the founder and publisher of The Etude. Mr. Theodore Presser, after many fortunate years as a teacher, writer and publisher feels it a privilege to designate this philanthropy as the one in which he makes return, to the profession which has made this Home possible.

This October issue will appear before the day set for the Inaugural of the magnificent new buildings. A description of the imposing structure was given in The Etude for last December. The Inaugural will be made memorable by the presence of important guests and notice of some of the addresses will be made in a later issue. Comfort and protection to worthy workers in “the most beautiful art,” as they approach the journey’s end, will be richly provided by this commodious Home. Its opening is a significant moment in our national musical history.

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