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Wall Known Composers of To-Day: Tod B. Galloway

galloway.jpgTod B. Galloway was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1863. His father, the Honorable Samuel Galloway, was distinguished in public life in Ohio for many years. Mr. Galloway was educated at the common schools of his native city and at Amherst College, Massachusetts, after which he was admitted to the bar and practiced that profession before being elected Judge of Probate, in which capacity he served two terms. Subsequently he was Secretary to the Governor of Ohio. While Judge Galloway’s profession has been that of the law, he has found time to indulge his love of music, and has composed a number of songs which are individual and characteristic. He published first “Seven Memory Songs.” This included the exceptionally successful “The Gypsy Trail.” Later he published “Friendship Songs,” and a number of others.

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