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Planning for the Summer

This Etude, coming to you on the door-step of Spring, finds both the teacher and the pupil in the most interesting part of the season. While we all welcome vacations, it seems unfortunate that this interest is not carried throughout the entire year. We believe that the value of working in Summer is often ignored by our readers. Lombroso, the wonderful little Italian searcher after facts, found that many of the greatest masterpieces were produced in the very hottest weather in climates that were tropical. We are inclined to look forward to the Summer as a period when we must necessarily be idle. Why not make your plans now to take advantage of your Summer? Why fritter away the glorious days of sunshine and flowers just because you have always done it? If you are a pupil, why not arrange now to study with some one of the many celebrated teachers who hold classes every Summer? If you are a teacher, why not make your Summer announcement at once and induce your best pupils to make special efforts to continue their work throughout the entire Summer? For some years we have endeavored to make The Etude for June, July, August and September the very best issues of the whole year. In fact, we have published two special issues in these months. This has been done because we have the conviction that the time our readers need and use The Etude most is in the Summer-time.

When leaves fall again, let us hope that you may be able to look back upon a Summer of accomplishment resulting from the definite plans you are making now.


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