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The Etude Educational Cartoons

Picture Object Lessons that show at a glance why some teachers and why some pupils fail to succeed.


There is really no reason why the office of the musician should not be as neat, as orderly and as tidy as that of the physician or the lawyer. The days of the teacher who stored feather beds in his hallway, hung his wash on the bookcase and attired himself in the disguise of scarecrow are fortunately passing very rapidly. Some teachers may not realize that the observant parents who visit their studios take a much deeper concern in the dust on the mantlepiece, the scraps of paper on the floor and the cobwebs in the ceiling corners than they do in the music of Froebel or the Sonatas of Haydn.
Damming the Niagara with toothpicks or emptying the ocean with a thimble would be about as easy a task as trying to cultivate a genuinely musical taste with the kind of opposition represented in the above picture. Probably Tommy's parents are spending their hard-earned money for his music lessons and are wondering why it is that he fails to develop a love for the works of the great masters. This picture speaks loader than words and it is to be hoped that those who ought to see it will not be denied that opportunity.

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