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De La Tombelle.

tombelle.jpgFernand de la Tombelle was born in Paris on the 3d of August, 1854. His early instruction on the piano was well conducted by his mother, who was an excellent musician, until the time when the university took up all the lad’s time. After his graduation he returned with renewed vim to his musical studies, studying organ and harmony with Guilmant and counterpoint and fugue with Dubois. His studies were well directed and well pursued, as the results testify, and he developed a style at once pure and masterly.

Leaving the Conservatoire, he received the first prize of the “Société des compositeurs for quartet and symphony, and has been appointed an Officer of Public Instruction.

His compositions include several suites and other orchestral pieces, chamber-music (quartets and trios for strings or for piano and strings), choral scenes, sets of songs, and numerous organ-compositions, including two sonatas. It is by the compositions for the organ that he is best known in this country, two sets of five and six books each, Op. 23 and 33, being the principal works.


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