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The Lecture Recital.

With the growth of an interest in good music, there has come about a widening of the field of the ambitious teacher of music, and the fashion of the musical lecture or lecture recital.

There are, I believe, many communities where people are not bored and wearied by the quantity of good lectures that it is their duty to hear, or, where the opportunities for musical culture are not many, that would find pleasure in a course of musical lecture-recitals arranged by young women who can talk interestingly and intelligently on some musical topic, and at the same time illustrate their subject with music well rendered.

The usual way to give such a recital is to choose some great composer, give his biography and passages from his best-known works. The history of music, its different forms and their growth, photographs of the composers and their masters,—these and many other particulars of interest will occur to the enthusiast who desires to undertake a number of such recitals, say from six to ten or twelve.

In order to insure the success of such an enterprise, it is best to start a subscription-list. The music-classes in girls’ schools are often glad of the opportunity offered by such a course of lectures, if they are what they should be.—Record.


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