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Our Staff Improvement.

The Etude staff has been increased by the engagement of Mrs. Helen D. Tretbar, who has been editor of The Item, which, unfortunately, will be discontinued with the November issue. Mrs. Tretbar’s literary attainments are well known to the musical world; her superb traslations (sic) of Schumann’s songs have won for her an enviable reputation in this department of literature. She has translated Ehlert’s “From the Tone World,” and many other minor works.

Mrs. Tretbar’s work on The Etude will be similar to that done on the Musical Item. A new department will be opened, called Musical Items, which will contain the leading musical events both foreign and domestic. All items intended for this department should be addressed to Mrs. Helen D. Tretbar, Box 2920, New York, N. Y. The department will be commenced with next issue.

Besides having charge of this department, Mrs. Tretbar will contribute original articles and continue the translation from the German and French.


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