The Etude
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Selected Content from the January 1904 Edition of The Etude

    Musical Items

    H. P. Danks, a composer whose songs were widely known and used a number of years ago, died in Philadelphia. November 20th, aged 79 years. He was the composer of “Silver Threads Among the Gold,” and “Don’t Be Angry With Me, Darling,” He wrote a great deal of church music. Read More

    A Talk with Alberto Randegger, By William Armstrong

    A Talk with Alberto Randegger, By William Armstrong “English is a good language to sing, no matter what is asserted to the contrary. Personally, I class English, next to Italian, as the best language for singing. But the worst of the matter is that so few speak it properly. Quite unfortunately the English do not study English diction, yet they should study it as they study spelling and grammar.” Read More

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